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Sega Saturn Modchip
Sega Saturn mod chip modchip
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The Sega Saturn Mod Chip will allow your to play burned CD-R games on your 32-bit powerhouse console and open up many other great gaming possibilities.

If you would like to learn more, please read my article,
“Why Mod Your Saturn?”

Feel free to read just a sampling of customer comments below.

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codman says:

for the aussies
I bought the modchip from racketboy and received it in oz in 4 days. I have the model 2(round buttons) with a 64 pin chip, took the blue signal wire off and used the A+B method and plugged the modchip facing outward. then instead of soldering the 5v wire i just unplugged the small green cable from the cd drive and stuck the wire inside the hole 2nd from the right, then plugged it in. Booted the games first go after i finally worked out how to burn the games. it even booted the games that failed with the swap trick.

Saod says:

I bought the modchip from racketboy and received it in El Salvador, Central America in 11 days.
Gonna mod my model 2(round buttons) with a 64 pin chip, today!!!

Can’t wait to play Panzer Dragoon Saga.

PS. For all your Sega Saturn needs (ISO´s), this site is a definite plus to look at.

D_H says:

Received my modchip in the UK after a week (fast delivery, thanks)

I have the Model 2 64 Pin Saturn, so the expected success rate is 65%.

I used the A-B method using a wire (not a solder bridge), fitted chip in around 2 minutes (take care when pushing chip into motherboard, do not force as you could snap Saturn motherboard or modchip!)

Turned on Saturn, tested original game, no problems.

Tested backup again no problems, boots from turn on and from cd screen. Works 100% as it should. No boot from cd screen workaround needed for me.

Thanks Racketboy

GotIt says:

It took four days for the chip to arrive and roughly twenty minutes to install.
Good price, fast delivery, easy installation, and the chip worked perfectly the first time.
Time to go try out Radiant Silvergun

Dave says:

This site seemed too good to be true but I bought and installed the modchip with MINIMAL effort and am super-satisfied with it. Plays everything no probem, and didnt even really have to solder if i didnt want to. Great product, Great site.

Detelle says:

My modchip arrived 3 days after I ordered. Racketboy promptly shipped literally within hours of me ordering and emailed me to tell me so. When it arrived, I installed on my 64-pin IC using the A+B method and didn’t have to solder a thing. All I had to do was stick the blue wire through the hole of what I was supposed to sodder it to, and it boots both originals and backups exactly as it should.
A+ order. Thanks!

Gonzalo says:

I ordered my modchip and RAM cart and they arrived within days. I had a bit of problem with this first chip (wouldn’t work no matter what method I tried). I contacted Racketboy and he immediately responded. He asked me to send him the modchip back and promptly sent me a replacement which works perfectly (A+B method) on my model 2 (32-pin) Saturn.

It actually took longer for the soldering iron to heat up than to install the chip itself. I’m very happy and thankful for the great service and excellent chip.

racketboy says:

Glad I could be of service!
Thanks again!

Tecreatta says:

Worked like a charm. The A+B method didn’t work for me but connecting the signal wire to pin 14 worked

As usual, Racketboy delivers promptly, safely, and in perfect condition-ly. Chip works like a dream, now it’s time to get busy with my Saturn!

Thanks Nick!

neil says:

thanks a lot was posted 1st class still took 14 days to u.k for but not racketboys fault. (royal mails lol) tested and works fine thanks again highly recommended!

Anthony D says:

I ordered the modchip and had it at my house in three business days. I was able to install it using the A+B method (without soldering!) in less than 15 minutes and it is working GREAT! Thanks, Racketboy!!!

Skywolf says:

I ordered a modchip monday and received it thursday (today). I was able to install it using the A+B method without using any solder at all, and it works perfectly. I didn’t even have trouble with the ribbon cable socket, the chip fit perfectly without needing to file the ends or apply extra pressure.

And it works bueatifly. I was even able to get my original copy of Virtual On, which had trouble booting in the past, to load and run without problem!

Many thanks to Racketboy! Now I’m off enjoy the many classics of the Saturn library.

Psygunner says:

i forget to thank you! i’ve installed the chip and it works perfect! i have no problems during the installation, it was very simple.
from Chile i say: RacketBoy rules!

Jeff says:

I order my mod-chip the other week. I got my Saturn from ebay yesterday, Me and my friend installed the chip. Everything works greats. Next up the MB Card from racketboy.

Tony says:

Just got my chip in yesterday. Installed it today. Guess what, it works! I was REALLY scared since this was my first soldering job and even though it looks like i soldered it drunk, it’s working beautiful. I used the A-B method and am having NO problems. Great product from a great guy. Thanks RB.

Danny says:

Hi! I’m from Portugal and I am very satisfied, the chip is working great! I had a problem with it and asked Racketboy for help, he told me to send him back because it could be defective, I did just that and he sent me the replacement. Now I have it installed and its working flawlessly!!
I highly recommend it! And once again thank you Racketboy for you great job!

Andrew says:

Excellent! Took less than a week to get to the UK, and next to no time to install. Works a treat and I’m very happy with it.

Would definitely consider buying more stuff in future. Thanks Racketboy!

Chessman says:

Thanks to Racketboy, my Saturn is alive and still kicking, with more than 100 games to enjoy. Saludos desde Santo Domingo!

Chessman says:

Now I have a question for Racketboy, when would the mod-chips and ram carts be available again?

Miguel says:

Dear Racketboy,

I see that someone else asked before me but more than 20 days ago and no answer. Do you know when will be there modchips available again?

Chessman says:

Sega Saturn has a very high cult following here in Dominican Republic, viva SEGA. We all want more modchips and ram carts to be available soon. Thanks Racketboy for make us happy over the years, you make our dreams come true. Please keep on bringing Sega Saturn stuff.

racketboy says:

Awesome and thanks for your support! Hope to have more in the near future 🙂

Chessman says:

Sega Saturn Forever!

Andrew says:

I too am curious as to when you think you’ll be receiving more Saturn mod chips? I had been meaning to order one, but always put it off.

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