Sega Saturn Games That Use 1MB/4MB RAM Cart

For those of you that are interested, here are the Sega Saturn games that support my 1MB/4MB RAM carts. Most of these games require the RAM carts in order to play them.
The ones that have (OPTIONAL) do not require the cart, but will have better performance with the cart


Dungeons & Dragons Collection
Final Fight Revenge
Friends: Seishun no Kagayaki
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
Noёl 3
Noёl 3 Limited Editon
Pocket Fighter (OPTIONAL)
Street Fighter Zero 3
Super Real Mahjong P7
Vampire Savior
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Some Various Emulators

Astra Superstars
Cotton 2 (OPTIONAL)
Cyberbots (OPTIONAL)
Fatal Fury 3
Fighter’s History Dynamite
Friends: Seishun no Kagayaki
Groove On Fight
King of Fighters ’96
King of Fighters ’97
King of Fighters, The: Best Collection
KOF Double Pack: King of Fighters ’95 & ’96
Metal Slug
Noёl 3 Limited Editon
Noёl 3
Real Bout Fatal Fury
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Real Bout Garou Densetsu Best Collection
Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special
Samuari Showdown IV
Samurai Showdown III
Samurai Spirits Best Collection
Samurai Spirits: Amakusa Kourin
Samurai Spirits: Zankurou Musouken
Super Real Mahjong P7
Super Real Mahjong P7 P’s Club Limited Edition
Waku Waku 7


Ano says:

Yes, I tried turning on the console and booting the game with both the switch left and right. Left is for 1MB, right?

Ano says:

Ok, it works now! Don’t know why it didn’t before but I’m not complaining.

racketboy says:

OK that’s weird — glad you got it working 🙂

Brian Riddick says:

Okay…I looked at your cart, and was tempted to buy it…but it says to save shipping costs combine it with a mod chip…whats the mod chip…answer me this straight up…is your cart a 1 and 4 MB cart that will play Japanese imports such as most of the games above that are not American, or is it simply just a 4 and 1?

racketboy says:

Hi Brian — As mentioned in the comments above “His RAM carts are not any kind of multifunction cart, aside from the fact that you can switch the cart ID between 1MB and 4MB”

It’s just for RAM, nothing else like booting imports.
A Mod Chip is for booting burned discs, but I am currently out of them.

Hope that helps 🙂

Nick says:

Hi Racketboy. Does your RAM cart work ok with King of Fighters ’96 without any gfx glitches?

The Action Replay 4-in-1 doesn’t work properly with the game and some of the characters turn into black blocks or dissapear etc when they perform certain actions.

Nick says:

Never mind the above question. Turns out my 4-in-1 was faulty 🙁

Arick says:

Can this cartridge make a US sega saturn sega system play
X-men Vs Street Fighter and other Import games that need a RAM cart.
Does this work with regular imports as well.

racketboy says:

It won’t get your around the Region Code (booting imports) — just the RAM part.

Arick says:

Can this cartridge make a US sega saturn sega system play
X-men Vs Street Fighter and other Import games that need a RAM cart.
Does this work with regular imports as well.
Please E-Mail me back

Arick says:

So this is not made to play imports then?

racketboy says:

Not the one I sold — you would probably want an Action Replay 4-in-1 Plus

jollie says:

heres some helpful info for anyone using a 4M1M Action Replay Plus, and trying to play King Of Fighters ’95: you are going to need to swap the Action Replay with the ROM cartridge during the screen that says licensed by sega. wait three seconds and then switch them quickly. because it is ROM not RAM it will not work without it.

Harley says:

Rats, out of stock. If this is something you make/manufacture, any ideas when/if more will be in stock? BTW, great job with the modchip. Didn’t work with a model 2 64 pin Saturn (I know I know, not guaranteed to work, but I tried anyways since it’s what I had first before buying a 32 pin model 2) , but was a breeze to install on a model 2 32 pin Saturn. My backups boot flawlessly. I’ve even played some with changing the music to my own choices.

joe says:

hey, im getting ready to purchase a saturn, and from looking at the list, im glad sonic jam was not on there. it’s one of the various reasons im getting the saturn, but would anyone know if sonic jam needs a RAM cart of any type?

Carlo Olivar says:

Re: Marvel Super Heroes – it uses the 1MB ram cart (optionally), and NOT the 4MB ram cart. This is the reason why the 4MB ram cart causes it to slow down.

With the 1 MB ram cart in place, go to options screen of the game and turn on the 3mb ram mode.

Additional frames of animation for all the characters will be added, making the game look smoother. Loading times are somewhat decreased as well. Its still not arcade perfect, but it is noticeably better that both the PS1 version and default Saturn configuration without the 1mb ram cart.

Mark says:

I did have both ST-Key converter and Capcom’s 4MB RAM cart that came with X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and I did use that method to swap the ST-Key cart with the RAM cart to load this game and other Capcom imports (Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, and Vampire Savior). I believe along the years (5+) this method destroyed the cartridge slot. So I believe the 4-in-1 or 5-in-1 (whatever it is called) is the best chance to play Japanese imports that requires either the 1MB or 4MB expansion.

Eduardo says:

I’ve bought one of these 1MB/4MB RAM carts from you 10 years ago, and it never got to work. Do you know why it happend?

Racketboy says:

Hi Eduardo
It’s honestly a bit hard to say — especially 10 years later…. I don’t sell that same model anymore.
It could be the cartridge, but it is actually somewhat common for that slot of the Saturn to go bad. The only way to know for sure is to try another cartridge.

Eduardo says:

I have an official Sega 4MB cartridge and it works great.

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