Sega Genesis and TG16 Games Playable On Nintendo Revolution!

 It’s official – Sega Genesis games and even some older Hudson games will be playable on the Nintendo Revolution.

Just as I predicted, Sega will be publishing many of their best Genesis games on the Nintendo Revolution’s Virtual Console. Nintendo’s Iwata officially announced in a keynote today that “Games specifically developed for the Sega Genesis will be available on the Revolution.”

Also, in another great addition to the Revolution’s Ultimate Backwards Compatibililty, many of Hudson’s old games like Bomberman from the TurboGrafix 16 will be availible.

As I also predicted earlier, Iwata wants to model the game download service to be similar to Apple’s iTunes Music Store. He was quoted as saying “I consider our Virtual Console concept the gamer version of Apple’s iPod download service.”… “With Nintendo Revolution we offer a combination of opportunities which cannot be matched.”

Nintendo also published a press release stating:

“Revolution owners will be able to relive their past gaming glories from the Sega Genesis console by playing a “best of” selection from more than 1,000 Genesis titles, as well as games sold for the TurboGrafx console (a system jointly developed by NEC and Hudson). These games join Revolution’s access to 20 years of fan-favorite Nintendo games from the NES(R), Super NES(R) and Nintendo(R) 64 eras.”

This is very exciting news, and I will post more details when I get all the info together. To hold you over, take a look at this collection of links detailing my past Revolution, Genesis, and TurboGrafx-16 coverage:
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Anonymous says:

Get GameTap it’s a lot better and you do not have to pay for each game!!

NightmareCI says:

There’s also ROM’s/DOSBox, which is free if you know what you’re doing!

But also this is really cool, because with games being available from every country that could mean everyone gets to play all those rare games for the Genesis/TG16, possibly the CD systems too? Who knows.

racketboy says:

I’m sure GameTap is a fine product, but I specificially want to play games on a modern console, not the PC.

Alex says:

It’s so amazing to hear Nintendo even mention the words “TurboGrafx-16.” I’m shocked they’re even thinking there’s an American market for the games, considering the console only sold about a million units here.

Anonymous says:

What is wrong with playing games on a pc (Brokugeta)

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