Saturn Homebrew Contest Results – Download the CD!

The C4 Saturn Homebrew Contest is over, results are determined and the C4CD is out, too.
You can find all entries, screenshots, judge comments, and the resulting CD at the C4 results page
For reference and prize info, check out the C4 main website

Congratulations to vreuzon who one the Saturn Modchip I donated to the event.

According to one of the judges every single entry seemed to be an improvement over currently existing homebrew.

Every owner of a SEGA Saturn, don’t miss the C4_2005_CD
(Unpack the rar archive and burn the Image then Run CD on a modified Saturn)


Anonymous says:

The winner Plate de Pon is really cool,
but If I were a judge, I would have voted higher for Stephano Karate Maitre.

Alex says:

I love it when people give me a reason to pull out the Saturn! I don’t know if you have already looked at Beggar Prince yet but that’s what I really want for Christmas.

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