Run Any PS1 Game On A PSP – Hacked Emulator Action!

It turns out the Sony PSP is actually good for something after all! (I kid.) Some ambitious software hackers have cracked Sony’s PS1 emulator for the PSP. Yes, that emulator — the one that is used to play the PS1 games that they sell on their PS3 store. Except for now instead of having to pay for the limited selection of games, you are now able to play any Playstation ISO (the CD version of a ROM) on your PSP.

Of course, there is some legal issues involved, but if you rip your own PSP games you should be OK. Now if only there was a similar method to play your classic games on the Wii’s Virtual Console without having to buy them again.

Supposedly, most every Playstation game runs at full speed with this emulator, but some PAL games have some speed issues at this time.

More Information (this link is down ATM)

Update: I’ve found a guide on Digg that should walk you through the process of getting your PS1 games on your PSP

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Timerever says:

Every other console is getting a full speed PSX emulator and Xbox is still lagging bewind with that slow hog PCSXbox…….
WHY?!?! Why can’t I just play G-Darius. WHY?!?!?!


Anonymous says:

Most of the game released on the PSP are remake from PSOne games… With this, we won’t have to buy anymore PSP games!

Anonymous says:

Most of the game released on the PSP are remake from PSOne games… With this, we won’t have to buy anymore PSP games!

Anonymous says:

If i recall right, most PSX ISOs are around 300-600mb average. I dont have a psp so i dont know, but what is the highest storage capacity for their memory sticks at present? and also, how much capacity would be probable within the next year or two? if i could hold a dozen games or so, that would definitely pique my interest.

Anonymous says:

This is just great! I have converted all my psx games using the popstation converter just to try if they worked on my psp, and they all worked great!
The largest SD memory card is 4gig i think, no problem squeezing in a couple of psx games there =)

Anonymous says:

Does anyone know what PS1 game is that is shown on the PSP screen?

racketboy says:

iirc, It’s R-Type Delta 🙂

Anonymous says:

I have the NTSC-US version of R Type Delta and that screen looks nothing like it. Is it PAL or NTSC-J? I am just curious b/c I am a big shmups fan.

Anonymous says:

I believe the screenshot is from Blazing Star for the Neo Geo. Great game!

rommy667 says:

Ive a 8 gig card and i love it you can fit 20 or more ps1 e.boot 🙂 only problem now is i want the new 16 gig card……….

ninjainspandex says:

It’s funny looking back at the comments, I just bought a dual micro sd adapter card for the psp and two 64 GB micro sd cards for a grand total of 128GB! I come from the future and the future rocks!

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