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Meta-Review: Dragon Force for PS2

Radiant Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon Saga aren’t the only Saturn games that command a high premium on eBay. Dragon Force was one of the best RPGs on Sega’s 32-bit system. Fortunately, Sega is re-releasing Dragon Force on the PS2 with enhanced graphics and sound (without butchering it like many of their other updates). The remake […]

10 Games That Actually NEED A Sequel

As just about every gamer has noticed, the gaming market has been flooded with sequel upon sequel (Tony Hawk, anyone?) — many of which aren’t a great improvement over the last increment. You can’t blame the publishers too much as they wouldn’t be putting them out if gamers weren’t buying them in droves. But wouldn’t […]

Racketboy’s Top 20 Retro Games of 2005

This year, we have seen the curiosity with retro gaming grow among the mainstream gaming audience and it seems that game publishers are clueing into the fact. While it is unfortunate that publishers seem to focus most of their retro efforts at the handheld market, there were also a handful of excellent console compilations to […]

Meta Revew: Final Fantasy IV – GBA

The long-awaited remake of one of the best Final Fantasy games is finally here. This classic adventure includes 18 towns and castles dozens of magical spells and hundreds of monsters weapons and items to helpplayers on their quests. It greatly improved on the FF titles before it and this GBA ports has raised the stakes […]

Meta-Review: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time – DS

The most anticipated Action-RPG is here — the new Mario and Luigi takes the series to a new level while utilizing the Nintendo DS’s capabilities. So far, I’ve read nothing but positive reviews! Buy at Amazon Review Tidbits “Not a guarantee that it’s a game for everyone, but rather a big fat A+ for Alphadream […]

Game Spotlight: Shining Force

Ever since I bought Advance Wars for the GBA, I’ve been facinated by strategy games. It’s a shame I didn’t get into the genre earlier. But over the last few years I’ve tried to make up for lost time and dive into some of the older titles that built up to the titles such as […]

Top 20 Games That Nobody Played – But You Should

There are hundreds of excellent games that have been released over the last two decades that never quite got the attention and sales they deserved. Many times it is because of lousy marketing, but at least some of these games find an afterlife as a cult classic. While not all of these titles are “retro”, […]

Mother 3 On The Way for GBA?!

Many of you are probably thinking, “what the heck is ‘Mother’”? Well, maybe the name “Earthbound” (the USA name for “Mother 2) sounds more familiar to you. Earthbound was one of the more popular RPGs on the SNES and it’s creator has said that a sequal is nearly completed for the Gameboy Advance. It may […]

Will the Revolution Erode the Game Renting Market?

When it was first announced that Nintendo’s next console would feature the ability to play Nintendo’s entire back catalog, I was extremely excited. While I enjoy using emulation on my current devices to play classic ROMs and ISOs, I’m desiring to have a more enjoyable experience — one that I believe Nintendo can provide. While […]

GBA/DS Shooter Revial Takes Shape

After seeing some new screens and reviews, it looks as if Nintendo’s portables are going to be hot property for shooting fans. And when I say shooting, I don’t mean stricktly traditional space shooters. After all, variety is the spice of life. The Gameboy Advance is seeing a diverse collection of shooting games coming it’s […]

Why Are Older RPGs So Much More Fun?

EmuAsylum has a great conversation going about what makes older 8-bit and 16-bit RPGs so much better than their new-generation counterparts. While I am far from an RPG expert, tt seems that older RPGs like Earthbound and Chrono Trigger concentrated more on being unique and having a good story than relying on eye candy. As […]

Playstation 2 Retro Game Library

I’m working on compiling a list of retro-type games for newer systems. If I missed any, please let me know in the comments section. Action Mega Man Anniversary Collection Metal Slug 3 Metal Slug 4 & 5 Contra: Shattered Soldier Alien Hominid Sonic Mega Collection Plus Neo Contra Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Gunstar Heroes Treasure box […]

Gamecube Retro Game Library

I’m working on compiling a list of retro-type games for newer systems. If I missed any, please let me know in the comments section. Action Alien Hominid Sonic Mega Collection Mega Man Anniversary Collection Shmups Ikaruga Hudson Selection Vol. 2: Star Soldier Shikigami No Shiro II Space Raiders Puzzle Cubivore Kururin Squash! Puyo Pop Fever […]

Why Would You Mod A Sega Saturn?

Why would you mod your Saturn? The Sega Saturn was a wonderful piece of hardware that was greatly underappreciated, but still has a cult following. While it was not the commercial success that the Sony Playstation was, the Saturn was techincally superior for 2D games and put up some wonderful 3D titles as well. However, […]

The History of Shining Force

Sega-16 has a exceptional article about the history of Sega’s Shining Force series. It goes into depth about various aspects of these tactical RPG games. From the article’s intro: Very few RPG series stand the test of time. Sure, a few sequels might spring up here and there over the course of a few years, […]

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