Review: Yobo Gameware – NES Clone

 When it comes to NES clones, many of us are familiar with Messiah’s Generation NEX. However as I mentioned a while back, the Yobo Gameware (aka Neo-Fami) is another solution to playing your old NES carts.

Kevin over at UUDDLRLRBAStart recently posted his review of the Yobo NES Clone.

“So far I’ve been fairly happy with the Yobo, the price was great, and for the most part every game I’ve thrown in it has played faithfully to the original NES. I did notice a couple of stuttering issues with a couple games, but it was only when there was a lot of action going on the screen, and it did not seem to effect the quality of the gameplay for me.” (Read Full Review)

So it looks like the Yobo Gameware is a solid contender in the NES Clone market, but I would really like to see more detailed compatibility reports for both it and the Generation NEX.

Make sure to read my original post about the Yobo device to get a better feel for how it compares to the Generation NEX.

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Dan Bennett says:

Hi, I just bought the Yobo FC3 PLUS System.It works ok,but I miss my extension cords for the controllers. I have a 42 Plazma TV. and I want to sit in my recliner to play,not in front of the set. Do you know if there is any extension controller cords for the game system?

Alexa says:

I just got my YOBO NES (same as in the picture) and it works okay. Sometimes if I pull at the controller it makes the game freeze and I have to reset. Also, WHY CAN’T I SAVE MY GAME ON SUPER MARIO 3?!?! OMG so annoying.

Lucas Riddle says:

Just bought an nes clone similar to the picture last night, played my first game and when i went to remove it the whole connector broke loose from the case, if that wasnt bad enough both of the doors broke off in the process.

Therion says:

I purchased a yobo a couple years ago. It played the genesis, NES and SNES. It works with all my games but my only problem is that they got the A and B buttons switched around on their controller. For example, on Super Mario Bros you would run with one button and jump with the other with the original controller. On the yobo they have it reversed. Can’t get used to it. With just this one flaw I had to get rid of it. Wish I could of used my NES controllers on it.

taisha says:

i purchased a yobo last year and today still works great it plays all my games great and today i just purchased one for a family member for christmas. the price is good and the game works great i would recommend this game to anyone

Jennifer says:

I got the nes system and the d-pads on both controllers broke within two months of having the system. I too only found the fax and email. but when I tracked the area code from the fax it came back LA so I looked up the number. I called and even though there is clearly a 6 month warranty on it I they said I would ha ve to take it up with the retailer I bought it from so if you would like to flood them with calls its (626) 369-9688. but first I emailed them and they told me to look on ebay! You can’t make this stuff up……

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