Retro Roundup: Best of July 2008

Retro Roundup - Best of June 2008

With old-school gaming catching on more in both the modern, mainstream gaming market and the traditional, classic console aftermarket there is a lot of interesting topics and developments going on. Since I don’t have time to cover them all in detail, I will have a monthly round-up of the most interesting happenings that I haven’t already covered in full. I’ve also included a Racketboy Rewind section that takes a look at my favorite articles from a year ago from this past month.

Megaman 9 Revealed and Demoed
When I first saw the screenshots and info about Megaman 9, I could have sworn it was fake.  It took the trailer to convince me.  Sure enough, Capcom is going super-retro with the 8-bit styled sequel complete with ugly box art.  And after it was shown off at E3, you can now see a video of this high-anticipated game.   WiiFanboy gives some impressions of the game as well.  The game is also quite challenging, in case you were wondering.
Chrono Trigger DS Announced
And people wondered why Square’s best games haven’t shown up on Virtual Console.  Yes, they are bringing one of the best RPGs of all time to the DS in a true-to-the-original port.  Personally, I’ll be much more likely to actually finish it this time around on the portable– and once its released, we’ll have to fit it into Together Retro 🙂  Even though it’s pretty close to the SNES orignial, take a look at the trailer and browse the screenshots — heck, even educate yourself with the DS-specific controls.
Wario Land: Shake It! Continues To Impress
I mentioned Wario Land: Shake it last month, but I had to pass along the new gameplay videos that have surfaced since then.  WiiFanboy also has a hands-on preview and a nice gallery of higher-quality screenshots.
A Look At Retro Game Challenge
I’ve heard about this game in the past, but I’m so glad to hear it will make its way out of Japan.  It is essentially a compliation of nice retro game clones that is disquised as a simulation of re-living the 80’s gaming world.  Thanks to DS Fanboy for sharing their impressions!
1942 Joint Strike Hits XBLA and PSN
The newly-minted retro shooter has shown up on Sony and Microsoft’s download networks.  Check out the reviews on Metacritic, but don’t expect greatness.
Gradius ReBirth announced for Wii Ware

We don’t know much about this one yet, but as RyanDG mentioned, “It’ll be interesting to see if they end up incorporating any of the 3D elements from Gradius Gaiden, but from the looks of the Moai and their ‘bases’ in the screenshot it doesn’t look like they will be. Konami’s official product page for Gradius ReBirth (including the one screen shot) can be found here.”


Kirby Super Star Gets Remade on the DS
If you’re looking for classic Kirby for your DS, the SNES classic is getting another chance on the DS.
A Milestone for Wii Shooter Fans
Most of us have probably played these games on the Dreamcast, but after many delays and cancellations, Milestone will finally be releasing Chaos Field, Radilgy, and Karous on the Wii as the Ultimate Shooting Collection.  Teamed up with the rest of the Gamecube shmup library, its not a bad lineup.
Samba de Cameo
Similar to all the Sega character appearances in Sega Superstars Tennis, the new version of Samba De Amigo for the Wii will be loaded with Sega cameos and fan service.  Word is that the game might live up to the original as well!
Rumor Alert: Jet Set Radio Coming to the Wii?
No hard details yet, but the word at Comicon was that one of my personal favorite games of all time may be coming to the Wii.  It will be interesting to see what Sega would add to it if this would materialize.
Treasure talks more Bangai-O Spirits
Can’t wait to get your hands on the upcoming DS shooter from Treasure?  Here’s some video and screenshots from source.

Racketboy Rewind

Why Classic Video Games Are Great For Kids

We all know that classic games are fun, but some people may not realize that old-school games are great for kids as well.  Feel free to pass along this little article to your gaming friends that have children of their own.

Sega Genesis / Megadrive Games That Pushed The Limits
Genesis games came a long way from the systems launch as battled long and hard against the Super Nintendo.  Check out games that made the very best of the Sega hardware.
TurboGrafx-16 Games That Pushed The Limits
Marurun continued his string of excellent TG16 guides with this list of the system-pushers for NEC’s 8-bit powerhouse.
Bandai Wonderswan 101: A Beginner’s Guide
Before fastbilly1 clued us all in with this extensive guide, I honestly didn’t know much about the Wonderswan.  If you happened to miss this one, I recommend you check it out — even if you don’t think you’d ever pick one up.
The Best Undiscovered XBox Games

Yeah, I know there are many of you still asking me for a PS2 Hidden Gems installment, but take a look at the XBox piece — you can find some good stuff in there.  Do you have any others to recommend?  Let me know!

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Rich says:

The link to the Best Undiscovered Xbox games points to a page about the cheapest PS1 games… oh, and it’s Xbox, not XBox, but that’s just me being picky 🙂

Kevin says:

Your Samba de Amigo title part says Samba de Cameo. Is this a typo?

Radarscope1 says:

It’s not a typo. The game will feature several cameos.

Retro currently = hawt with the kids so it’s pleasing to see all of these games. Kirby Super Star was pretty hard to come by when I was a kid, been trying to buy a version now off eBay but considering that this new title is a remake of that, I may as well by that.

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