Racketboy’s Game Room & Home Office

In the retrogaming community, it isn’t uncommon to have an impressive room to showcase your collection and enjoy the games. Personally, I’ve always tried to keep my collection to a minimum (at least as much as one can while still being a retro gaming enthusiast that runs a popular website for the community), so my collection and room won’t necessarily turn a lot of heads, but I wanted to share my setup anyway.

As some of you may know, the Racketboy family had a recent addition. To make room for our new baby, the spare bedroom that once housed my combination office and game room needed to be transitioned elsewhere.
Before, I moved everything out, I wanted to document the setup and share it with everyone since I don’t see many home offices that are also game rooms. Maybe this will inspire a setup for someone else out there.

While it might seem sad that I had to give up this room, it’s really been fine. I haven’t utilized it quite as much as I’d like and I’m happy with the new space everything is in now. Later on, I’ll share the new setup – it’s cool, but in a different way.


The main view as you walk into the room


Big CRT on a up-cycled vintage office cabinet storing the consoles that are in my rotation





To the left of my desk are the two closets that store my retro games and accessories


I have an extra dresser drawer set that stores extra goodies


Adding some gaming goodness to my office setup







Bins on the shelves for extra cables, controllers, etc










On top of the bookshelves, I have my old handhelds, phones, and gadgets




Looks tattered, but I love this old office chair (same model showed up in Moonrise Kingdom, btw)


Another vintage chair I picked up on the cheap from my old job


8bitmagic says:

Really clean setup, may it rest in peace!

We do need to get you a better keyboard though 😉

racketboy says:

Actually, this keyboard is the best combination of things I look for.
Biggest things for me are solid keys (no chicklets), wireless, and the key layout I like (not for PC gaming)

Soldier Blue says:

Very Nice Setup. I love how clean and organized it is. Very nice collection.

Tommy says:

That looks great! I work from home and my home office is also my collection room (not just gaming stuff). My next big goal is to get the Ducktales Remastered gold cartridge I recently won from Capcom in a really cool display, but so far I haven’t had any good ideas.

Tomzci says:

I am ashamed to ask this , but I really can´t figure out what is that black console next to super nintendo ?

John says:

Sega Genesis Model 2 is next to the SNES ^^

Thank you for sharing racketboy. It is always glad to see a tidy and clean gameroom as yours!

Would you mind to list the books of the 16th picture?

Thierry Henry says:

Love it! Super clean and tidy!

Thomas says:

Thank you for sharing these pictures.
The old chair looks good, but you should get a nice couch instead 😉

moggie says:

Hope the game collection dont get bined when the baby gets its hands on it.Mine suffered loads of damage and one day playing a vhs i ejected it and out popped daytona usa for the saturn.”SO THATS WHERE IT WHEN”Im also missing mario kart double dash………i wonder where that is?

artphotodude says:

Very Nice! Love the clean lines and obviously cool games.

Mega-congrats on the new Bundle of Joy! You should do a small blog as the little one gets older showcasing what your kid/s like in gaming vs your take on it! Call it “Racketboy Generations”

dannye812 says:

I love that! That is really nice and soooo neat. I can’t even show my game/junk room! It’s that bad. Hopefully when I buy another house I can set it up like yours. And the collection is really nice. Why buy most games for old systems 75% are crap anyway. I try to just cherry pick the good ones now.

Grishnack says:

The Holy Trinity on the center. With the Holy Grail on the middle. Very nice setup 🙂

Adam says:

Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing. =)

Basir says:

Your room inspires! Thanks for the pictures and the video

Oniwii says:

Kids .-. view My Gamming room in my instagram.


Mike says:

Where is that tv stand from? I’ve been trying to find a wide one like that with a lot of space for consoles

Randy says:

Wow that is a very clean and neat game room/office! Mine looks like a hoarders nest with games stacked every where!! I always imagined racket boys game room would be packed with complete collections! But I’m enjoying it. Shining force on the genesis ftw! I still need it.

Droid Party says:

I see a receiver but no speakers?

Alan says:

Great setup!
(although i’m more a fan of gaming on carpeted floors!)
I hope your new perhaps more compact setup will look just as cool.
And congrats on the new member of the family, future gamer for sure heehee.

Also nice to see my phone made it onto your handheld portables shelf 😀
(HTC Desire Z hahah)

Mike Moran says:

A very nice setup. Being a retro gamer and a minimalist isn’t such a bad thing either. Cutting the fat is something a lot of collectors never can wrap their heads around.

I just recently sold off almost all my consoles, deciding that gaming of the past decade or so just isn’t as magic for me as it used to be.

I played quite a few games from this current generation. Until last year I ran a GameStop as the Assistant Manager in a store where the Manager was never around, so pretty much from 2006 to 2012 I was knee deep in this generation. While I did play quite a few of the games on offer including your Call of Duty’s and Final Fantasy’s and what have you, this is what nearly 10 years on consoles left me with:

I’m really sick of shooting stuff, wandering around giant sandboxes, and watching games practically play themselves. The few shooting games I was actually happy to see like Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Deus Ex were released on PC anyway.

This generation officially made me a handheld gamer. The DS was the only platform of the past nearly 10 years that actually had some kind of identity and sense of somewhat unique games.

Mike Moran says:

Incidentally I noticed your DS collection is very modest and the number of DS centric articles is kind of slim. The Dreamcast sustained me through the PS2/Gamecube/XBox years and the DS did the same during the 360/Wii/PS3 years. I’m stupidly familiar with both consoles as I spent years with them as my primary mode of gaming entertainment.

I’m currently stuck at home not doing a whole lot on a Worker’s Comp claim if you have an open invitation to writers contributing content. A long while back when I wrote as an associate intern for Destructoid I was in touch with a guy who wrote some of the shmup articles you have here. He made it sound like anyone’s open to contribute.

Christopher Wheat says:

I like the hard wood floors, the creaking (I actually like). The clean orderly manner. More proof that you dont’ need EVER freaking game in existance, just collect for the games you actually PLAY!

Which is why I have pared down my collection drastically! …now if only I could manage the same feat with my comic book collection.

By the by who is the maker of that vintage office chair? Never heared of Moonrise Kingdom, but I do like the cute of the jib when I see that office chair. (Honestly if you got it reapolstered and releathered) it would breath new life into that chair…but I have a feeling the weathered look of the leather is what you enjoy most of it.

thierry says:

just want to say thank you because it really helps me to organize very symply my own collection

thierry says:

and i’d like to say that the whole site looks like my holy bible since some years to build my little gameroom

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