Racketboy Asks: What Classic Console Do You Want Next?

My goal with this little site it to provide a place that is as useful and practical as possible for anyone that is looking to build upon or maximize their classic gaming collection.   However, since we have such a diverse readership here, I thought it might be a good idea to run a poll every now and then to see what consoles you have the most interest in.  This time around, I’d like to hear which classic console you plan on picking up next to build your collection.

Maybe it’s one that you used to have that you’ve been meaning to get or maybe you’re a die-hard Sega fan that’s been holding out on getting a SNES.  Or maybe you’ve been saving up for a Neo-Geo for a while.

Just choose one of options below (I know it’s probably hard to choose one) and feel free to justify your choice in the comments section below.

What Classic Console Do You Want to Get Next?

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lisalover1 says:

Definitely Neo-Geo, but it’s impossible to come across a reasonably-priced consolized MVS.

weasels says:

i picked genesis. i kinda have one but with no games, controllers, and no rf adapter… my brother sold my original which was the second model. but in reality i wont be getting any of these until i get a mod chip for my saturn and ps2

Ryan says:

I have all of those besides the Neo Geo and the Jaguar, but what I’d REALLY like is a Super A’Can. Hence my pick of “something obscure”.

Ziggy says:

I use the “games that defined” topics here on Racketboy often for systems that I missed out of during its prime. I was a little disappointed not to see one for 3DO.

racketboy says:

In due time, Ziggy
It’s on my wish list. 🙂

boringsupreez says:

I have almost everything on the list already, so I went with 3DO.

William says:

I’d love to have a NE0-GEO for the bragging rights alone.

butane bob says:

I’ve never even seen a bloody pc engine in real life so i’d definitely love to pick one of them up, that’s also what i voted for. I’ve even not played many of the roms i have for it as one day i’d like to actually get a real system and games and enjoy them all properly….. one day 😛

Dig says:

With my recent purchase of a Sega Saturn, there aren’t really any old systems I want now. I could go for for a handheld with a small library or a Master System, but I think that as a fan of the medium I’m going to get an Xbox 360. Awesome new games, sure, but I’m looking forward to Indie games that made their way to Xbox Live Arcade.

d.d.d. says:

Have the CD version but gonna get a Neo cart system soon; I assume MVS & AES carts aren’t interchangeable, right?

_Ocelot says:

My game-collecting methods tend to be arbitrary, but I voted Virtual Boy since it’s the only Nintendo console I don’t own yet and it would probably be my first choice were all the consoles on the list available to me (excepting those I already have, of course).

Gooseberrysoda says:

I picked a Master system, but really, I’ll be getting a power base convertor, a Sega CD, and a Jaguar at the same time. :U

BD says:

WHAT? No vectrex?

Vectrex gets my vote. NeoGeo is overrated IMO. Too many same-same games.

ZereoX says:

I choose the NES since mine broke.

Jack says:

Ugh! TG16 or a PC Engine! So hard to find in Australia without me raping my bank account.

Other than that #2 would be a Sega Mega CD! I have some awesome games for it but no console 🙁

Ryan says:

I’ve actually really been wanting to get myself a Sega CD, so that way, I can get the best sound quality out of Pier Solar when that comes out (http://www.piersolar.com/), and so I can play the newest version of the Sonic 1 Megamix (http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_Megamix).

Breetai says:

I want a Wondermega or a Master System next.

I have: Playstation 1,2,3; PC Engine Duo; Famicom; NES; original Gameboy; Super Famicom; SNES; N64; Gameboy Advance; DS lites (one pink, one white); Wii; Genesis model 1; Game Gear; Sega CD model 2; Saturn model 1; Dreamcast; Wonderswan Color; Neo Geo AES; Neo Geo CD (Front loader); 3DO(FZ-10); TI 94/A; X-Box


Swamp says:

So The Sega Saturn won the poll.. I was guessing for the TurboGrafx 16 to win as that one seemes to be a rare console.

But I guess that most people got the Playstation back in the days when Sony and Sega competed. And today many gamers want to get there hands on the Saturn.. too bad that the Saturn game library is so bad.. i have tested lots of games but have only found one or two that are really good.. so imo its not a console worth getting at first.

Im very surprised that the Snes was placed on 5:the place on the poll for “What Classic Console Do You Want to Get Next?” I thought that most retro gamers already had this super famous console? 🙂

NebachadnezzaR says:

Probably the first Playsation. I already have tons of games that I play using emulators, but next time I buy an old console it will probably be it.

Chessman says:

Sega Saturn Forever. Viva SEGA y La Organizacion.

bonefish says:

3do has over 20 titles worth playing before you start getting into the flawed. unique, fmv garbage.

Gundabad says:

I know it is a handheld, not a console (but hey, Virtual Boy is up there!), but I would like to own an original Game Boy again.

The Hon. Reverend Fred Gherkin says:

I do believe: a Dreamcast. Would be nice!

Jack says:

It would have to be a Turbo duo, just because I want to play some castlevania: Rondo of blood. I have this game and several others on my wii, but as we all know, it’s better firsthand.

Matt Fuerst says:

ddd – There is a converter that allows you to use MVS carts on AES. I think it’s called the Phantom? It works for 95%+ of carts. Very nice when you can get popular MVS games for $15 or so.

I’ve got a stand up MVS, but I know the Phantom exists..

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