Racketboy Asks: What Classic Console Do You Want Next?

My goal with this little site it to provide a place that is as useful and practical as possible for anyone that is looking to build upon or maximize their classic gaming collection.   However, since we have such a diverse readership here, I thought it might be a good idea to run a poll every now and then to see what consoles you have the most interest in.  This time around, I’d like to hear which classic console you plan on picking up next to build your collection.

Maybe it’s one that you used to have that you’ve been meaning to get or maybe you’re a die-hard Sega fan that’s been holding out on getting a SNES.  Or maybe you’ve been saving up for a Neo-Geo for a while.

Just choose one of options below (I know it’s probably hard to choose one) and feel free to justify your choice in the comments section below.

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slowslow325 says:

I voted SNES, but technically it will be 2600, since it should be arriving in the mail any day now.

WingZeroKai says:

I’ve been meaning to pick up a Neo-Geo for the longest time, but damn its expensive.

Harvey says:

I voted SNES but realistically I won’t be getting any new consoles until I flesh out some games for the systems I currently have.

Ziggy says:

Might be Neo Geo if it wasn’t so expensive. I might want a 3D0 as much, but I voted for Atari Jaguar.

MrPopo says:

I went with something else obscure, since the only consoles I’m missing are the Atari age stuff, the original Odyssey, the CD-I, and some non-US stuff. So the CD-I would probably be my next purchase along with the Zeldas for lulz. But that’s only going to happen if I happen to stumble upon a great deal.

CD-I was great … Pick up Burn: Cycle and Mystic Midway

racketboy says:

Glad to see someone chose the Virtual Boy — that’s my #2 (TG16 being my #1).

I just have to decide which model to get for the NEC fix.

Lcdscreen says:

Master System! 😀
Buying one from a friend quite soon. Yay Sega!

Ack says:

I put NES, since I don’t currently have a functioning one, but I really don’t know. I kinda want all of them, and I’ll take what I can get, though lately I’ve just been considering filling out my SNES collection more.

brokenpavement says:

The virtual console keeps showing me that I need to pick up a Turbografx at some point; it has amazing shmups and excellent multiplayer games. What else could anyone ask for?

randombullseye says:

I’m thinking of getting a turbo duo next. A real one too.

Either that or a PC Engine or Disk System, but that would require a trip overseas or a pen pal.

Friston says:

TI-99 4A all the way! 🙂

Alejandro says:

I chose N64, because my older brother, in his infinite wisdom, decided to lend it to some people that were not going to take good care of it, so it’s lost. I still have some awesome games (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Zeldas) that I want to play in a couple more years with my kids.

But in truth, I just bought my first PS2, and the first games I’ll play on it are kind of old (ICO, Dragon Quest VIII, etc.)

otaku says:

I’d like an atari 2600 heavy sixer from 77 🙂 that is my next console for sure. Im also interested in:3D0, odyssey (original) and a bally astrocade (one of these is available locally) just got a jag and everyone by now knows about me and my neo geo 🙂

Swamp says:

I have collected most of the most famous consoles in the list so i think my vote goes to the TurboGrafx 16/CD/TurboDuo. The console where very rare here I really dont know anything about it, but i have the feeling that its a good console.

Edge says:

I picked the genesis collection but technically I want the Sega CDX (with the box) but the price on that is still expensive.

3NV7 says:

I’ve always wanted an Amiga, so if I decide to add to my collection (I’m currently trying to thin it out!), I’ll try to snag an A1200.

toredauei says:

pc engine all the way. next in line is msx!

Hatta says:

I am not surprised to see TG-16 at the top of this list. It’s the big hole in my collection too. So many great great games on that system. Neo-Geo is too expensive for my tastes. The 3DO is intriguing, but a bit lacking in compelling games. I do need to pick up an Odyssey 2, but there’s plenty of time for that. As long as we’re not talking classic computers or handhelds, TG-16 is next on the list.

Eddie says:

I got a Dreamcast at the end of its run and sold it for 50 bucks with games like marvel vs capcom, jet set radio and some other good games. I don’t really know what’s good out there in the action genre. Most of the games I played were hard as hell and just got frustrated.

Ian says:

I love the Dreamcast, but have played very few Saturn games. I voted Saturn because I know it has many Shoot-’em-ups for me to try, which is one of my favorite things about the Dreamcast’s library of games.

I picked the 3DO because its the only one on the list that I dont own (Besides Neo Geo)Each time I find a game I want to play on the 3DO I find out its been ported to another system I own. Maybe one day….

the7k says:

Neo Geo, although I actually want to get another Sega Saturn first(My old one just died about a month ago).

Skywolf says:

I chose “Something Else Really Obscure”, because I’m working on trying to possibly obtain a Vectrex some time in the near future.

I might opt for a Jaguar or a Lynx, as well.

okonomiyaki says:

I picked Virtual Boy as I have all the systems on the list (save for Jaguar & 3D0), but my Vboy recently broke and I desperately need to repair it (which is HARD to find someone to do btw) or get a replacement…

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