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Together Retro Game Club: Baku Baku

Presented by: Fastbilly1 & Racketboy New To Together Retro? Check out the introduction to the club In 1995 the video game puzzle scene was changed forever. It in was that year that Sega released Baku Baku, a revolutionary puzzle game in the falling block genre. Of course everyone knew this since Baku Baku is a […]

What Is The Best Puzzle Game/Series Ever?

Way before the Nintendo popularized “casual gaming” on the DS and Wii, we had a number of incredible puzzle games to work our brains and provide us with an addicting sense of challenge, competition and accomplishment.  Of course, many games in the puzzle genre are heavily inspired by Tetris, but the best have added enough […]

Tetris Battle Gaiden: The Forgotten Puzzle Spin-Off

Note from racketboy: fastbilly1 shares one of his favorite hidden puzzlers from the Super Famicom (SNES). I admit that I had never heard of this game, so I want to thank him for pointing this gem out. It is always nice when you have a craving to play a classic games like Tetris, but end […]

Tetris Mastery: Video Clips To Make You Feel Inadequate

Tetris is one of those classic games that is simple to learn, but very difficult to master. The game has gone through many iterations over the last two decades, but people all around the world are still devoted to the game and developing new skills to show off. Inspired by this forum post by Radarscope1, […]

Preview of Bust-A-Move Bash on the Wii

It’s already been demonstrated numerous times that the Wii’s motion-sensing “wii-mote” can take modern game genres and make them more engaging (see the Wii’s new commercials for a demonstration), but we haven’t seen many examples of taking old-school 2D games to the next level (Metal Slug being the only one so far). Majesco, however has […]

Lumines Clone: Gleam for Gameboy Advance

One of the few games that makes me wish I have a Sony PSP is a little puzzler named Lumines. Not since the original Gameboy Tetris was there so much buzz over a puzzle game. Up until now, GBA fans have been in the dust when looking for a new puzzler. But there is a […]

Meta-Review: Tetris DS – Nintendo DS

We have seen a number of Tetris “remakes” over the last decade, but none of them (consoles or portable) have really lived up to the standard set by the original Gameboy version of Tetris. That is, until now. Finally, Nintendo has taken the time to carefully craft the perfect follow-up to the puzzler classic. Tetris […]

Review: Bubble Bobble Old & New – Gameboy Advance

Both the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS are getting their “new versions” of Bubble Bobble (Evolution and Revolution, respectfully), but they aren’t looking too spiffy right now. I will cover these titles more in depth soon, but for now, I decided to cover a more deserving Bubble Bobble title that received a bit less […]

Meta-Review: Mario vs Donkey Kong – GBA

I must admit, I was a tad skeptical about this title when it was first announced, but I heard good things about it, played the demo, and then played the full game. Now I have to say this is actually a very well-crafted effort by Nintendo and will be welcomed addition to any retro-gamer’s portable […]

Review: Dr. Mario/Puzzle League Combo – GBA

This past weekend I picked up the Dr. Mario/Puzzle League combo for the Gameboy Advance. It just came out last week and retails for $30, but I scored it for $12.98 at Meijer. Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this release for quite a while since the Japanese Gamecube version looked so good. This cartridge offers […]

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