Please Don’t Abandon the GBA!

At times I’ve really enjoyed my Gameboy Advance. The greatest thing about the platform is all the great titles that were put out using 2D gameplay. And just because the game is in 2D doesn’t mean the graphics have to look like crap. The Advance Wars, Sonic Advance, and Metroid series have definately provided us with some quality gameplay.

However, now with the advent of the Nintendo DS, I’m a bit worried that nobody will continue making quality 2D games for the precious system for very long. Even Nintendo themselves have already put Advance Wars 3 out on the DS. I understand they want some good launch titles for the system to fend off the PSP, but I’m still worried.

Originally, the big N said that the DS was NOT a replacement for the GBA. Well you could have fooled me. Gameboy Advance prices are already dropping in stores and very few new GBA titles are being announced now that the DS and the PSP are the hot mobile devices.


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