PDF: Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) – May 1997



Here’s another interesting magazine scan that phillyman and the folks at RetroMags has shared with us.

Here in the USA, we never really had a dedicated Sega Saturn magazine. Sega Visions died out right before the Saturn launch, but at least the UK has our backs. The Official Sega Saturn magazine is a top-notch 32-bit Sega mag and there is lots of great reading inside.

With this PDF, I’ve also started testing some ORC software to recognize all the text throughout the magazine. This way, you can theoretically search for words in the PDF. In this magazine, some of the text is pretty rough, but it should serve most of it’s purpose. In future releases, I hope to experiment to get more accurate recognition.

Table of Contents

Main Stuff

  • News – Panzer Dragoon Saga Revealed and more (6)
  • Quake Cover Story (14)

Coming Soon

  • MechWarrior 2 (18)
  • Pandemonium (22)


  • Saturn Bomberman (40)
  • Swagman (44)

Big In Japan

  • King of Fighters ’96 (50)


  • Atlantis (26)
  • Bedlam (28)
  • Zap! Snowboarding Trix (30)
  • Shining The Holy Ark (32)
  • The Crow: City Of Angels (34)


  • Saturn Bomberman (52)
  • Crypt Killer (54)
  • FIFA ’97 (56)
  • NBA Live ’97 (58)
  • Dragonheart (60)
  • Swagman (62)
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (64)
  • Space Jam (66)
  • Return Fire (68)
  • Black Dawn (70)
  • Torico (72)

Tips Specials

  • Fighters Megamix Part I (78)
  • Die Hard Trilogy Part II (80)
  • Soviet Strike (84)

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