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Video game magazines are such an interesting way to look back in time at this revolutionary industry. This issue of Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) lets us look back at the transition period between the Saturn and the Dreamcast. For Sega fans, this was a time of both frustration and excitement. The Saturn was being put to rest quickly just as games were starting to tap the Saturn’s potential, but the Dreamcast held many wonderful promises for the future.

This issue has a number of interesting pieces such as an interview with Yuji Naka as he transitions from working on NiGHTS into Dreams and Burning Rangers to previewing Sonic Adventure. There is also a feature on a Dreamcast game by the name of “Drones”. I don’t believe this was ever released (I’ve never even heard of it), but this Tron-like game looks phenomenal in the early screenshots they share. (I’ll be putting together a separate post for this game in the near future)

Here is the table of contents of this issue (titles and descriptions quoted from magazine)…


  • Sonic’s Back
  • Dreamcast Demos Exposed!
  • PC Sega Rally 2 Revealed
  • Digital Delights
  • Neo Geo Pocket Unveiled


  • Yuji Naka Reveals All! (pg. 20) “Creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS, and Burning Rangers, Yuji Naka spills the beans on the 128-bit extravaganza you’ve all been waiting for”
  • Star Wars Trilogy (22) “Feel the Force with AM8’s awesome new coin-op! Sega Saturn Magazine has the first shots!
  • Capcom Speaks (40) “Kings of the 2D beat ’em up and creators of some of the greatest videogames ever, Capcom talks exclusively to Warren Harrod about the future of the Saturn, Dreamcast development, and Biohazard!
  • Drones Special Report (52) “Remember Disney’s Tron? Prepare to be taken to the next level of futuristic sports sims as French delveoper Nigma finally reveals details on it’s first Dreamcast title!
  • Astra Superstars (60) “It’s 4MB action all the way with Sunsoft’s latest 2D fighting game. We tell you why this crazy beat ’em up is so hot… and review the bugger as well!


  • Sonic Adventure (14)
  • Guardian Force (26)
  • Konami MSX Pack (28)
  • Disney Sega Ages (30)
  • Arcade Gears (32)
  • Pen Pen Triicelon (46)


  • Astra Superstars (64)
  • Deep Fear (66)

Playing Tips

  • Castlevania X, part 2 (70)
  • Tips Megathon, part 1 (74)

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Hell yeah! Another one to the collection. Thank you, racketboy, you’ve made my day 😉

The Apprentice says:

Sweet. I love game publications that are either previewing the next gen hardware or are the first of a series tied to a single system (First Issue of Official Dreamcast Magazine or last of Sega Saturn Magazine) Nice work!

Brian Deuel says:

Drones was released for the Xbox sometime around 2003-04 or so as Dronez. There was a DC version planned but it ended up being cancelled.

racketboy says:

I looked that game up and it doesn’t look like the same game. Also, from what I’m seeing, Dronez was cancelled for the PC and XBox as well.

The GagaMann says:

I still own my original copy of this, though it’s a little tattered. Official Saturn mag was at it’s peek in 1998, despite the system being on it’s way out and most of the coverage being about imports.

Matt says:

SSM was a fantastic magazine, truly one of the greats. One of the writers (Gary Cutlack) runs a blog over at http://www.ukresistance.co.uk.

I wonder what ever happened to Lee Nutter?

Jeydo says:

racketboy do you get these comments e-mailed to you? just curious because I posted on a later entry and wasnt sure if you would see it. I wondered if you could post NP issue #6. thx!

murdamall says:

can you post a new link for the direct download?

Anthony817 says:

I know it is many years after the last post lol, but guess what? Your downloads don’t work anymore, as expected after so long.

Guess what though, there IS light at the end of the tunnel!

I have for you the issue you posted, and 13 more!


Also, you need comic book viewer too!


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