PDF: Nintendo Power #3 – Nov-Dec 1988


This week I am featuring the third issue of Nintendo Power (November-December 1988). The cover story features Track and Field II and its 16 different “mini-games”. In hindsight, you can see what Nintendo really wanted to do with its track and field games, but is just now able to pull it off with the Wii.

This issue also feature an excellent guide to one of my favorite NES games, Blaster Master. In the middle of the issue you will find the accompanying poster for Blaster Master as well.

The issue is primarily filled with other game guides such as ones for Mickey Mousecapade, Ultima, and Blades of Steel.

On page 56, Nintendo Power features the “Secret Weapons” on the NES: The NES Advantage joytick and the NES Max joypad. It highlights the special features of each controller and what games benefit most from the controller innovations. Even then, Nintendo was innovative in its hardware.

Finally, on page 95, The Players Forum’s Celebrity profile stars Jay Leno (before he took over Johnny Carson’s job on the Tonight Show). Yes, even Jay was once captivated by the NES.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this great issue. Let me know what you think!

This issue was originally scanned by the good folks at RetroMags. Keep up the great work!
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Toad64 says:

Hey, thanks for putting another one up! I have most of the issues, but while I have the first issue, I’m missing the ones between that and the TMNT issue. And i could use some maps for Blaster Master!

Me says:

Thanks, but I don’t see a link to download it, and no one is seeding the torrent.

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