PDF: Nintendo Power #2 – Sept-Oct 1988


Everybody got a real kick out of the first issue of Nintendo Power, so this week I figured I should get around to highlighting the second issue of the Nintendo Fanboy Mag.

Bionic Commando is one of the primary NES games that has held up well over the years and has not really been replicated in newer generations. On page 6 (by the mags’ page #s), you will find a well-rounded guide to maximizing your gameplay and technique while playing throught the classic action platformer. (on Page 43 you will find a full poster for Bionic Commando as well)

Page 24 begins the cover story: a complete guide to Castlevania 2: Simons Quest. I features a wide array of tips, strategies, and maps. Additional guides and features are included for games such as Super Mario Bros. 2, R.C. Pro-Am, and Blaster Master.

The NES Journal feauture had some interesting tidbits. First of all, on page 92, the Power Pad is introduced and on page 93, Nintendo Power has an interview with Chris and Tim Stamper for Rare Ltd. Back in 1989, Rare was primarily known for games such as R.C. Pro-AM Racing and JetPac, but as many of you know, they later when on to make titles such as Battletoads, Donkey Kong Country, 007 Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark. The wasn’t a lot of info in the interview, but it was still interesting to see such an early feature on Rare.

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As with the first, this issue was scanned by RetroMags and pieced together by Underground Gamer

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Jakanden says:

Post the mirrors! I am at work and cannot torrent it heh

Jakanden says:

Man – these scans make me remember how I fell in love with NP back in the day.

Thanks RB =)

gnome says:

Ah… thanks again….

dylanx says:

Brother,can you upload the magazine again? because the link that you wrote doesn’t work…

Felipe says:

vocĂȘ pode carregar a revista novamente?
o link expirouah se tiver como vc postar o dvds com todas as scans da nintendo power

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