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Here’s another interesting magazine scan that I happened to find on Underground Gamer. If you can remember back that far, you will recall that 1993 was a crazy time in the gaming industry. The Super Nintendo was finally starting to gain steam while Nintendo was still supporting the NES. Sega had the Sega CD coming out and there was a grand future that was unknown at the time.

This issue of Game Players magazine gives us a peak into 1993 and reminds us of a number of interesting, and in some cases, forgotten games of the era. Here is the table of contents of this issue (titles and descriptions quoted from magazine)…


  • Editor’s Notes (pg 4) “New games get all the hype, but golden oldies are still the favorites of many players”
  • Hot Shots (6) “Nintendo takes to the road”
  • Ahead of the Game (70) “Previews of Bubsy, The Little Mermaid, Street Combat, and more!”


  • Special Preview: SNES Battletoads (10) “The SNES Battletoads in BattleManiacs has even better action and animation than its NES counterpart — can you believe it?”
  • Superheroes Clash! (14) “Bart dons his superhero cape in The Simpsons: Batman Meets Radioactive Man, his third NES adventure”
  • Kirby Saves the Day (28) “In Kirby’s Dream Land for Game Boy, our rotund hero’s appetite won’t be sated until King Dedede coughs up every one of those sparkling starts.
  • Solstice Sequel Arrives for SNES (36) “Strength meets strategy in Equinox, a complex room-maze mission.”
  • Megaforce, Mega-Game (42) “Fasten your safety belt — Space Megaforce is one wild SNES ride.”
  • Dinosaurs! (50) “In Dinocity for Super Nintendo, your time machine is broken, and you must fix it or stay in the Stone Age forever”
  • Uncharted Waters (56) “A different kind of role-playing game! You’re a bold adventurer, exploring the world’s unknown – and dangerous – seas.”


  • Dragon’s Lair [SNES] (22)
  • Bee-52 [NES] (60)
  • The Blues Brothers [NES] (61)
  • Cyber Spin [SNES] (62)
  • Faceball 2000 [SNES] (63)
  • The Incredible Crash Dummies [GB] (64)
  • Pit-Fighter [GB] (65)
  • Shanghai II: Dragon’s Eye [SNES] (66)
  • Spider-Man & X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge [SNES] (67)
  • Spindizzy Worlds [SNES] (68)
  • Ultimate Football [SNES] (69)

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gnome says:

Beautiful, thank you!

RoushiMSX says:

Sexcellent, thanks for the download. I subscribed to this mag for years and really dug it. Sadly, all of my issues found their way into the trash after I left home for higher learning. Obviously I’m going to wind up doing the same thing to my kids when they move out of the house and they’re going to pass on the tradition to their kids. Gotta love traditions.

hydr0x says:

*ehem* copyright *cough*

bonefish says:

Copyright? The magazine was canceled in 1998. I doubt the publisher cares anymore.

hydr0x says:

Doesn’t matter, it’s still not allowed.

bonefish says:

I’ll make sure I contact imagine publishing for my copy 😉

anon says:

Any chance of a reupload?

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