PDF: First Issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)


If you need a quick and heavy dose of gaming nostalgia, there is no better solution than flipping through an old video game magazine. Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) has been around for nearly 20 years and now you can easily browse through their very first issue in PDF format. Phillyman from Retromags.com was finally able to track down this premier issue in good condition and scan it for us all to enjoy.


EGM Issue 001 Cover

Download the EGM #1

Buy The Real Thing on eBay

If you would like to own the real thing, Phillyman is now putting this very issue up on eBay in order to raise funds for the site and pass the joy onto someone new. (I will probably join in on the bidding myself)

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If you willing to contribute to this great archiving project another way or would just like to learn more about it, please check out this post from a while back.

Just to let you know, I will be working with RetroMags by sending in some of my early EGMs to be scanned so it will bring Phillyman very near to completing his collection of the first two years of Electronic Gaming Monthly (1988 and 1989). He will still be missing a few issues, so please contact him if you are able to help out.


Edge says:

I just discover and buy a subscription to RetroMags! What a wonderful website!

Phillyman says:

We may have the final release of Gamefan issue 1 coming out soon!

Covarr says:

I’d recognize that stupid pose and lack of blaster arm anywhere: It’s MEGA MAN’s atrocious NES box art in the form of an EGM cover!

k says:

this seems to be issue 2.

MDJ says:

I agree with k–from what is written at the bottom of the “Game Over” page near the end of the mag, it does appear far more likely that this is actually issue #2.

racketboy says:

From what I’ve read, there was a “preview” issue before this. I know the Official Dreamcast Magazine had something similar.

In ODM’s case, the “preview” issue is referred to as Issue 0, and the next one was Issue 1.

Phillyman says:

If you count backwards from issue 25….this is issue 1, EGM did put out a 1989 Buyers Guide before this issue though. Dont even get me started on magazine numbering systems. How are you going to be named Electronic Gaming MONTHLY, and publish bi-monthly?

RadarScope1 says:

Even though the design is terrible and the box art atrocious, they could not have picked a better game to be on the first cover. One of the quintessential 8 bit games.

And who the hell is the U.S. National Video Game Team?

Geoff says:

I have a first issue of EGM The same one on this website in perfect condition. If anyone is interested please email me gyansoucy@gmail.com

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