Overlooked Music Mix: MegaMan X, Worms 2, Johnny Bazookatone


Note from racketboy: This new bi-weekly feature is written by racketboy.com contributer, Mozgus. If you would like to know more about our plans for this series, please join in on this forum thread.

Video game music has traditionally been thought of as nothing but clusters of nonsensical beeps and bloops. While this statement no longer holds merit in today’s gaming world, the general public still avoids or remains oblivious to this genre, often assuming that there lies nothing worth hearing within. I truly believe that there are countless gaming tracks out there that deserve a place amongst your more mainstream “normal” MP3s. With that being said, each installment of this series will sample just three inconspicuous songs which, in my opinion, are worth your time. They may be retro or modern, official or produced by fans. Regardless, please give them a listen.

MegaMan X – Light in the Fortress (by housethegrate)

Where he fails in creating internet aliases, he surely makes up for it in aural ass-rocking. You may have seen his works on OCR or DoD, but I can’t help but share this song some more. Not only did he take one of the most neglected pieces in the game and drastically improve on it, but he even shared a video of himself providing the guitar work. If you like what you hear, you should check out the Project Chaos OCR album, because within it, he arguably stole the show with “Walk on Water”.

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Worms 2 – Gumbo Gringo

Worms 2 has, by far, the best soundtrack in the series. That may be due to the fact that the other games use mostly ambient noises instead, which I feel made the warfare seem much less intense. There’s a subtle build-up in this track that I appreciate. I can’t come up with a reason why I would pluck this from the many other fantastic tracks in the set, but it just carries a different vibe from the rest. You really get the impression that this was ripped right out of one of the Crocodile Dundee movies, not like that’s a bad thing…

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Johnny Bazookatone – Main Theme

This mediocre game was one of the first Playstation titles I tried, but hopefully I’m not too biased on this pick. This theme has quite a catchy melody going on, despite a slight cheese factor. I did a little research and apparently Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora helped with the music for this game. Take that for what you will. From what I remember, the game was a 2D side-scroller, and Johnny sported a purple-dyed set of Elvis hair, armed with a guitar-cannon of some sort. Yes, rest easy Final Fantasy gunblade enthusiasts. There are far more ridiculous game weapons out there.

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bonefish says:

There’s lots of good music going on in gaming. My wife was quite impressed by the level of production and general quality in say Xenogears. She has a pretty music intensive background so when she stops and takes a listen and actually says something, it must be good.

Heh. Well, I think house’s name is excellent, but I’ve been around the VGM arrangement community for years and have seen tons of good ones.

I’m definitely in agreement with you that Mega Man X’s “Sigma Stage 2” is a very overlooked, amazingly catchy piece of music. I was glad to see it arranged so expertly. But the guy’s impressive as always on the guitar.

Pick up his album “Houseworks” over at his homepage, which is full of great VGM arrangements. I’m a happy owner of said album, signed by both house and his brother Ashane.

Cool stuff, Mozgus! Thanks for writing about OC ReMix (and Dwelling of Duels!), we certainly appreciate it. Hope you keep checking the site for the lastest ReMixes to go up!

Larry “Liontamer” Oji
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix

mozgus says:

@Larry: Nice to have a celebrity come by, lol. I thought about buying House’s album but at a quick glance it seemed most of those tracks were already downloaded from his site. Also, I haven’t bought a music CD for about a decade now.

I’m always checking OCR and DoD for the new stuff. Can’t say there have been too many amazing tracks from either in recent months. I am excited about 3 of the new OCR Projects coming soon; FF7, Doom 2, and Pokemon.

gnome says:

Excellent post and a great idea for a regular feature. Pssst, don’t forget Agony’s soundtrack…

durkada says:


The soundtrack for Worms II is truly superb. The composer is Bjorn Lynne. While Worms II is a superb game, its totally overshadowed by the sequel Armageddon. Despite that, solely based on the music, I’ve kept Worms II installed since its release — I play it, but more to groove to the superb music.


mozgus says:

Yeah, maybe I should put worms 2’s music into Armageddon.

Tom says:

Does anyone know where to get the tab for housethegrate’s composition of light in the fortress ?

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