Nominations for Top Retrogames of 2005

The last couple years have seen quite an increase in retro games for the modern consoles. While there isn’t as many as I would like (there probably never will be), there were quite a few that were released in 2005 that deserve some attention. I’m now taking nominations for games that you think should be included in the Top 10 Retrogames of 2005.

So far, here’s the candidates:
Meteos – DS
Sonic Gems – GC
Puyo Puyo Fever – PSP
Nanostray – DS
Metal Slug 5 – PS2
Capcom Classics Collection – PS2/XB
Gunstar Super Heroes – GBA
Castlevania – DS
Luminaries – PSP
Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves – PS2
Namco Museum Battle – PSP
Sonic Rush – DS
Midway Arcade Classics 3 – PS2/XB/GC

I’m mainly looking for 2D gameplay and classic compliations. It can be for a home console or portable.

In case you are interested here are the Top Retrogames of 2004

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