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Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast and Gamecube Servers Will Shut Down Soon

Even back in the Dreamcast’s prime years I had a bad feeling about online game. While I did have fun (and frustration) playing Dreamcast games like Unreal Tournament online, I knew that games that primarily depended on online gameplay would not be worth the long-term investment as they would eventually be turned off. As a […]

Meta-Review: Uniracers / Unirally – Super Nintendo (SNES)

You wouldn’t know it from the screenshots, but Uniracers is one of the most fun racing/stunt games on the SNES and possibly the 16-bit era as a whole. Unfortunately, even in the 16-bit era, the gaming kiddies were mostly interested in cool graphics and such. Combine that with the unusual name and its understandable why […]

Preview of Bust-A-Move Bash on the Wii

It’s already been demonstrated numerous times that the Wii’s motion-sensing “wii-mote” can take modern game genres and make them more engaging (see the Wii’s new commercials for a demonstration), but we haven’t seen many examples of taking old-school 2D games to the next level (Metal Slug being the only one so far). Majesco, however has […]

New GBA & PSX Emulation Developments for the Dreamcast

The Dreamcast is an extremely versatile machine – there’s no denying that. As if the commercial developers didn’t push the limits of the console enough, there are many homebrew and emulator developers out there that are trying to squeeze every last ounce of processing power out of the Dreamcast in order to bring more playable […]

Meta Review: Castle of Shikigami 2 – Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, XBox

Castle of Shikigami 2 (also known as Shikigami No Shiro II) naturally originated in the arcades and was later ported to the Sega Dreamcast (in the series of late shmups that kept the DC import scene alive), Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Xbox. The game was released in Japan for each of those mediums and […]

Meta-Review: Plok – Super Nintendo (SNES)

The 16-bit era was filled with a number of platformers. Most of these platformers were mediocre games that were nothing but wannabe Mario and Sonic games. However, there were a small handful of platformers that were worth a look, but rarely received any attention because they got lost in the shuffle. Plok is a gem […]

Meta-Review: Ikaruga – Dreamcast & Gamecube

You will find that I bring up the development house known as Treasure quite often — and for good reason. They are behind many of the best cult-classic games of all time and know how to feed the cravings of hardcore gamers — sometime before the audience even knows what it is that they crave. […]

Meta-Review: Guilty Gear Dust Strikers – Nintendo DS

The Guilty Gear series has made great strides over the last few years to compete against the best from Capcom and SNK’s 2D fighter offerings. I was fairly excited when portable versions of Guilty Gear were announced for both the PSP and Nintendo DS. However, I had a dirty feeling that both versions would be […]

Lumines Clone: Gleam for Gameboy Advance

One of the few games that makes me wish I have a Sony PSP is a little puzzler named Lumines. Not since the original Gameboy Tetris was there so much buzz over a puzzle game. Up until now, GBA fans have been in the dust when looking for a new puzzler. But there is a […]

Review: Pac-Man Vs. – Gamecube

If there is one game that Gamecube owners need for a party, Pac-Man Vs. is it. It does not matter what kind of gamers your friends are (even if they don’t game at all); you will all have great fun with this awesome multiplayer Gamecube title. The game is incredibly easy to pick up and […]

Meta-Review: Tetris DS – Nintendo DS

We have seen a number of Tetris “remakes” over the last decade, but none of them (consoles or portable) have really lived up to the standard set by the original Gameboy version of Tetris. That is, until now. Finally, Nintendo has taken the time to carefully craft the perfect follow-up to the puzzler classic. Tetris […]

Survive Bullet Hell On Your Gameboy Advance

I don’t know why nobody thought of this project before… Instead of having ports of all your favorite shooters on the Gameboy Advance in order to practice techniques, why not just have a enemy fire simulator? BulletGBA is an ingenious homebrew effort that replicates the bullet patters of many popular shmups and let you practice […]

Play SNES Games On Your Gameboy Advance

Sure, you can re-purchase all those SNES to GBA ports, but wouldn’t you want to play the actual SNES games on your GBA? SNES Advance is a fairly new project to get the best SNES experience possible out of the Gameboy Advance. From the site: ” SNES Advance is a program written for the Gameboy […]

Sin and Punishment N64 Translation Hack

Many of you are aware of the fact that I’m a huge Treasure fan. Well, I was very excited to stumble upon this little project while I was researching something on Google. A little website named Vanit Studios has been working on a solid English translation for Treasure’s cult classic N64 game, Sin and Punishment. […]

Gameboy Games That Pushed The Limits

As the first installment of my Games That Pushed the Limits: Portable Edition, I chose to take on the games for both the original Gameboy and the Gameboy Color. While most of the games that I cover in this piece are only playable on the more powerful Gameboy Color (The processor is twice as fast […]

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