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Review: Advance Guardian Heroes – GBA

Advance Guardian Heroes brings back the original Saturn game’s style of gameplay, but its unbelievably irritating technical problems and underwhelming art style doesn’t bring back the magic fans might be expecting. Graphics/Presentation: 5 When you first start up Advance Guardian Heroes, you can tell right away that this isn’t going to be as good as […]

Review: Bubble Bobble Old & New – Gameboy Advance

Both the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS are getting their “new versions” of Bubble Bobble (Evolution and Revolution, respectfully), but they aren’t looking too spiffy right now. I will cover these titles more in depth soon, but for now, I decided to cover a more deserving Bubble Bobble title that received a bit less […]

Hacking F-Zero X on the N64

My buddy MattG from PressTheButtons has a great feature and interview with a major hacker in the community for the N64 racer, F-Zero X. He writes: “The classic Nintendo 64 title F-Zero X has a lot of eyes on it these days, particularly from the game enthusiast hacker community. With memories of BGNG’s F-Zero X […]

Tetris DS Announced – With Wifi!

The original Tetris game for the original Gameboy is still one of the best mobile games IMO. When you remember its age, it is astounding how well the game holds up in the areas of pick-up-and-playablity, addictiveness, and pure fun the now not-so-little cartridge contains. Now that we have progressed through a long stint with […]

Meta-Review: Mario vs Donkey Kong – GBA

I must admit, I was a tad skeptical about this title when it was first announced, but I heard good things about it, played the demo, and then played the full game. Now I have to say this is actually a very well-crafted effort by Nintendo and will be welcomed addition to any retro-gamer’s portable […]

Meta Revew: Final Fantasy IV – GBA

The long-awaited remake of one of the best Final Fantasy games is finally here. This classic adventure includes 18 towns and castles dozens of magical spells and hundreds of monsters weapons and items to helpplayers on their quests. It greatly improved on the FF titles before it and this GBA ports has raised the stakes […]

Meta-Review: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time – DS

The most anticipated Action-RPG is here — the new Mario and Luigi takes the series to a new level while utilizing the Nintendo DS’s capabilities. So far, I’ve read nothing but positive reviews! Buy at Amazon Review Tidbits “Not a guarantee that it’s a game for everyone, but rather a big fat A+ for Alphadream […]

Meta-Preview: Super Princess Peach – DS

This new 2D Platformer turns the tables on traditional Mario games — this time Princess Peach has to save Mario and Luigi. US Release Date: February 27, 2006 Preorder At Preview tidbits: “This is the best old school Mario style game since Yoshi’s island and it will keep me happy until the new Mario […]

Review: Dr. Mario/Puzzle League Combo – GBA

This past weekend I picked up the Dr. Mario/Puzzle League combo for the Gameboy Advance. It just came out last week and retails for $30, but I scored it for $12.98 at Meijer. Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this release for quite a while since the Japanese Gamecube version looked so good. This cartridge offers […]

2D Metroid Dread Cancelled

There’s a bit of a stir in the Metroid fan world today. According to, Metroid Dread, a 2D title for the Nintendo DS, was canceled today. On the surface, this is news that would bother me quite a bit, but as Matt at mentions, this title may not have ever exisited. Dread was […]

Mother 3 On The Way for GBA?!

Many of you are probably thinking, “what the heck is ‘Mother’”? Well, maybe the name “Earthbound” (the USA name for “Mother 2) sounds more familiar to you. Earthbound was one of the more popular RPGs on the SNES and it’s creator has said that a sequal is nearly completed for the Gameboy Advance. It may […]

Gunstar Super Heroes Trailer

When I first saw the screens of the new Gunstar Heroes pseudo-sequal for the Gameboy Advance, I was pretty excited, but I honestly thought it looked like a quick port that wouldn’t fully utilize the GBA’s power. However after watching the new trailer for the game, I honestly think this will be one awesome game. […]

Play Monkey Island and More on your DS

I think I mentioned this idea to someone when the Nintendo DS first came out — the DS’s touch screen would be perfect for those great Lucas Art point and click adventure games like Monkey Island. Well a few months later, we have a SCUMMVM emulator for Nintendo’s Dual Screen Wonder. Can’t wait to see […]

GBA/DS Shooter Revial Takes Shape

After seeing some new screens and reviews, it looks as if Nintendo’s portables are going to be hot property for shooting fans. And when I say shooting, I don’t mean stricktly traditional space shooters. After all, variety is the spice of life. The Gameboy Advance is seeing a diverse collection of shooting games coming it’s […]

Top 10 Dying Game Genres Revisited

It’s always fun to go back and read old articles that make predictions and see how acurate they are. I pulled this article out from the GameSpy archive. It’s an enjoyable read concerning the gaming genres that are dying in the modern gaming industry. Here’s the list: 10. Space Shooter (Shmups) 9. Puzzle 8. Light […]

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