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Meta-Review: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time – DS

The most anticipated Action-RPG is here — the new Mario and Luigi takes the series to a new level while utilizing the Nintendo DS’s capabilities. So far, I’ve read nothing but positive reviews! Buy at Amazon Review Tidbits “Not a guarantee that it’s a game for everyone, but rather a big fat A+ for Alphadream […]

Meta-Preview: Super Princess Peach – DS

This new 2D Platformer turns the tables on traditional Mario games — this time Princess Peach has to save Mario and Luigi. US Release Date: February 27, 2006 Preorder At Amazon.com Preview tidbits: “This is the best old school Mario style game since Yoshi’s island and it will keep me happy until the new Mario […]

2D Metroid Dread Cancelled

There’s a bit of a stir in the Metroid fan world today. According to 1Up.com, Metroid Dread, a 2D title for the Nintendo DS, was canceled today. On the surface, this is news that would bother me quite a bit, but as Matt at pressthebuttons.com mentions, this title may not have ever exisited. Dread was […]

Play Monkey Island and More on your DS

I think I mentioned this idea to someone when the Nintendo DS first came out — the DS’s touch screen would be perfect for those great Lucas Art point and click adventure games like Monkey Island. Well a few months later, we have a SCUMMVM emulator for Nintendo’s Dual Screen Wonder. Can’t wait to see […]

Top 10 Dying Game Genres Revisited

It’s always fun to go back and read old articles that make predictions and see how acurate they are. I pulled this article out from the GameSpy archive. It’s an enjoyable read concerning the gaming genres that are dying in the modern gaming industry. Here’s the list: 10. Space Shooter (Shmups) 9. Puzzle 8. Light […]

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