NiGHTS into Dreams for the Wii: Screenshots & Interview

NiGHTS into Dreams

As we draw closer to the first of April, we can’t help be feel a little uneasy when we talk about rumored sequels for cult classic games. But a number of sources have been slowly “confirming” that a new NiGHTS into Dreams game is indeed on its way for the Nintendo Wii.

Portuguese games magazine, MaxiConsolas, seems to have a the most solid evidence of the game’s impending release via a full article (with yummy screenshots) and interview with Takashi Iizuka about the NiGHTS into Dreams sequel (now known as NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams). Yes, Takashi Iizuka is back on the NiGHTS project. He worked on the original NiGHTS game with Yuji Naka and Sonic Team, but he is also the man behind the role-playing concept of Sonic Adventure and the Shadow the Hedgehog game. (I’m having mixed feelings here)

First of all, lets get to the eye-candy. There are a handful of screenshots to be seen in these magazine scans. From what I can see, it looks like the overall look and feel of the first game is maintained reasonable well. The level design and Nightmares (bosses) look very similar to what fans of the Saturn original would come to expect.

Now lets move onto the interview and the handful of juicy details it reveals. Considering the source, the interview was obviously in Portuguese, so here is the English translation: (Portugese readers, check out the magazine scans for the original)

Q: How did the idea of creating NiGHTS for Nintendo’s new console come along?
A: I’ve been interested in making this sequel for as long as I can remember, and the moment seemed perfect to start working on it. This game is ideal to take advantage of the Wii controller’s potential.

Q: Will we get, once again, inside the dreams (and nightmares) of Claire and Elliot, or are there new human characters whose dreams we’ll be able to visit?
A: Just like the first game’s story, the new NiGHTS happens inside a dream world, and its story will follow the adventure of those children. I hope to announce further details in the coming months.

Q: Will the main character (also called NiGHTS) be alone in this mission, or are there new kinds of Nightmare-people to control?
A: I can already confirm that NiGHTS will be the main character, and that he will have new habilities which will be explained later. As for new characters, I can’t reveal anything yet. You’ll have to wait and see.

Q: Which new flight manoeuvers will this charismatic figure be able to perform?
A: NiGHTS will have a considerable number of acrobatic movements, many of them never seen before, for the player to perform easily using the Wii controller. You can count on loops, spins, and other manoeuvers which will be kept secret for now.

Q: In which ways does Nintendo’s new console attract you?
A: I am particularly enthusiastic about witnessing all of this technological advance, and about knowing that, as a programmer, I can create games in the new consoles which, a few years ago, I was only able to dream of.

Q: We’re real fans of this character. Do you think that he will still be able to be interesting to the public, after all these years?
A: Above everything, I hope that NiGHTS fans like this game as much as the First one. I’m confident that, with all the new features I’m hoping to include, it will also attract a new player base, not yet familiar with this character’s world.

Q: What can we expect, regarding game modes?
A: Besides a single player mode, familiar to everyone, there will be a two-player mode and certain special online functions.

Q: Do you intend to take the inspired NiGHTS experience to other platforms?
A: So far, this new NiGHTS game is a Wii exclusive.

Q: What other classic franchises, developed either by you or Sonic Team, would you like to bring back to life?
A: When I created NiGHTS, I didn’t see it as a classic franchise, but I always hoped I would be able to dedicate it a sequel when the right moment came. For know, this is the only game series I’d like to see people talking about once more.

Even though I have some reservations about some of Sega’s recent production and Takashi Iizuka’s recent work, I have to admit the between Iizuka’s comments and the screenshots from the magazine scans, I am encouraged that this new game might adequately carry on the legacy of the NiGHTS name.

Updated: Famitsu magazine has confirmed that the new game will be called NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and will be released this coming Winter

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Timerever says:

We portuguese rule you know? But:
1. You got pages 2 and 3 swaped, page 2 is actually page 3 nd page 3 is page 2.
2. Who translated this for you? I’ve yet to read the full thing but the translation is very accurate, even flawless I’d say. Loads of Kudus to you and your translator (unless you know portuguese, then kudus to you alone).

racketboy says:

Fixed the page numbers — thanks
The translation is all over the Net now.
Not sure where it originated.

Timerever says:

1. You welcome.
2. Prolly some fellow portuguese gamer posted it somewhere.

jopamine says:

I am superly anticipating this game, and the screenshots are goregeous, but one thing is throwing me off, I miss the simplicity of NiGHTS’s first character design. Did NiGHTS have those eyes in the saturn version? I don’t remember what they looked like.

FYI: i posted a comment a while back about booting up saturn imports with a 3rd party memory card. I dunno if you read the post, but it was the Memory Card Plus. They have one up on ebay.

Pedro Nave says:

it’s a shame that Sega have choosen that magazine to reavel to the world such big news.

because MaxiConsolas is one of worst magazines of videogames of Portugal, if not the worst (in my opinion it is the worst magazine).

well.. what matters is that Portugal owned everybody else that was saying that has great news.. that will reveal a big game.. bla bla! we do what others talk XD eheh

Timerever says:

Pedro Nave:
“because MaxiConsolas is one of worst magazines of videogames of Portugal, if not the worst (in my opinion it is the worst magazine).”

LOL, like there’s any good video game magazine in Portugal, or at all. Even EDGE can be crappy sometimes let alone these guys. That why I stopped buying gaming magazines altogether.

racketboy says:

At least most of the UK’s magazines are better than the crap here in the US…

Pedro Nave says:

Timerever .. you don’t know what you’re talking man.. seriously lol..
I’m not talking the sujective aspect of quality of a videogames magazine… I’m talking about fat guys with big muscles (wrestling) on the front page for tree stright months. I’m talking about 10 pages every single month of.. wrestling… I’m talking about the launch of the Wii (december) and with the front page being… guess.. yes .. wrestling. I’m talking about they reviewing the game of the yerar for them.. and on the front page… soccer.
you are not prepared to read such magazine. 😛 lol

Timerever says:

LOL at that Pedro Nave, I guess they’re trying to sell the gamazing to queer wannabes X-D, no offense to wrestling fans, but muscled, nearly naked mens hugging each other can’t be good 😎

gnome says:

Happy days, brilliant post!

bonefish says:

Hmmm I may have to break out thte ol’ saturn for and encore

JustinSan says:

Looks niiccceeeeee to the point of drooling. Been waiting for a new night for longer than I care to remember.

Been playing nights on the saturn emulator, I’m too lazy to get my saturn out of its box.. and no room for it heeeeh….

All these years yugi naka always said he did not want to make a new nights. This other guy said he was waiting for an oppertunity? well since naka left sega he took the oppertunity?

Anyways…this guy worked on sonic adventure and shadow…the ONLY good 3d sonic games imo so this might be good. But with the way sega are dragging their feet latly I dunno…that 360 sonic game was utter rubbish..and its real sad :

xus75 says:

Hey JustinSan, where can I find a Saturn Emulator? How is it called? and where can I find the Nights game. I love NiD, I sold my Saturn years ago and now i deeply regret it; however you bring some hope to me with the news of an emulator….

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