New Sonic The Hedgehog ROM Hack – Sonic 1 Mega Mix

After all the complaining about how Sega has screwed up Sonic the Hedgehog, I was pleased to see a sweet Sonic ROM hack featured on Siliconera.

Sonic 1 Megamix is a ROM hack that essentially takes the levels of the first Sonic game, but throws in characters, physics and moves of the later games (including Chaotix on the 32X).

The bland physics and moves on Sonic 1 is my main complaint about the game, so this will be loaded on my GP2X very soon!

Download The ROM Patch
Video Demo @ Youtube

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Mozgus says:

As usual, the IPS patch doesn’t work for me. 50% of the time, patches don’t work. I will never know why. Might help to know which region and revision of the ROM we need though. This probably only works with a specific version.

Mozgus says:

Ok it worked with REV00. It didn’t work with REV01. Anyways, I can’t seem to figure out how to play as anyone besides sonic, nor get any of the other new content. All I see is arranged stages, borrowing music from later Sonic games, and Sonic himself has spindash and airdash.

Anonymous says:

If you play Sonic 2 and then after play Sonic 1 you will miss the physics and the spinboost. This ROMhack has taken these stuff from Sonic2 and added them to the original sonic.
You will need a ips patch tool ( ) and the REV00 version of the rom.

DarkCless says:

Many of th excellent sonic 16bit hacks , ironically a possible outcome of how bad latest sonic games suck.

If anyone have problems applying the patch , you can just get the already hacked vesion from

I am yet to try this , but it is a iso file in a zip and how do emulators un it ? Does it run on gp2x”s picodrive or pc”s gens ?

gp2x rocks !

*off topic*

malleo says:

… uhhhh dark spelled “the” wrong

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