New Pac-Man Collection and More Availible for Vintage Atari Consoles

 I’ve known about AtariAge and their excellent resources for classic Atari fans, but I had no idea that they sold homebrew game cartridges on their site until this recent Kotaku post.

Anyway, the AtariAge community has put together a homebrew compilation of Pac-Man games and created a spiffy little package that is playable on the Atari 7800.

This Pac-Man compilation includes:

  • Pac-Man
  • Puck Man
  • Hangly Man
  • Ultra Pac-Man
  • Random Mazes
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Ms. Pac-Attack
  • Ms. Random Mazes

You can find out more about the games themselves, see screenshots, and place an order on The 7800 Pac-Man Collection page. You can also read and/or join in on the discussion on the official forum thread.

(You can’t help but wonder if Namco will be beating down their door after this, but you have to hand it to the crew for the all the effort.)

 It turns out that AtariAge also sells a number of other homebrew game cartridges for pretty much every Atari system. The one that caught my eye was “This Planet Sucks” for the 2600. The game is inspired by the Taito classic, Lunar Rescue.

I guess selling homebrew games isn’t new since stores like the The GOAT Store have been selling homebrew games for a while now. But I guess somehow it seems a bit more interesting to see new games with labeled cartridges and manuals being sold for old cartridge-based systems like the early Atari consoles.

It is encouraging to see that homebrew games for older consoles are selling since it helps support retro developers in addition to proving that retro gaming is still alive and well.

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