Neo-Geo Cart to CD Conversion Project

Just recently cdoty started a thread on the messageboards claiming to have started a project that will basically take ROMs from Neo-Geo AES/MVS games and converting them into Neo-Geo CD games.

There is a major interest in this since

  1. The original carts are expensive and people a looking for a cheap way to play the best games on the Neo-Geo console.
  2. The Dreamcast has a couple excellent Neo-Geo CD emulators (and it can’t handle most regular Neo-Geo ROMs).
  3. It’s just plain cool.

IF this does work out, I see this as a huge development in the Dreamcast scene. The Dreamcast already has an excellent library of 2D games (especially fighters) in addition to its 3D games. But if you add on the Neo-Geo’s classic library, the Dreamcast would be a 2D gamer’s paradise!

Eventually we might be able to hack together self-booting discs of every Neo-Geo game to play on Sega’s little white box. How cool is that!

I’ll be sure to post updates when I find out more!

Links of interest:
Official Project Site
Progress List
Thread at


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ampikle says:

Been trying to self boot neo geo cd using neo4allcd but ran into many weird problems. One is the DC drive seems to think the burnt cd is in GD rom format since it tries to access it from the outside in rather than in CD format. Although I got far enough to get the CD to self boot into the emu on the DC and the game works on a PC using NEOCD, the DC emu does not seem to see the disk.

The format is basically, data-audio-audio-audio like a real neo geo cd disk and the 2nd session has data only which is the emu.

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