Metroid Dread (New 2D Game) NOT Cancelled?

 Not to long ago, we heard news that the upcoming 2D Metroid title, known as Metroid Dread, had been cancelled.

However, just recently, DS-X2 has shared with us that the first edition of the new NOM (the Nintendo Official Magazine) has Metroid Dread listed on the 2006 release calendar. This may be based on old info — or it may not.

Even if Metroid Dread does get released, we still haven’t heard if it will be for the Gameboy Advance or the DS. Either way it will definatly receive a warm welcome! As good as the Metroid Prime games are, I think everybody still enjoys the 2D Metroids to a greater extent.

Updated: Ok, I guess we can forget about this one… Official word from Nintendo:

“Hello and thank you for contacting Nintendo, To tell you the truth, I have rumors about a Metroid Dread being in development for the Nintendo DS. However, that’s all they are: rumors. There are no current plans to develop the game. ”
Nintendo of America Inc.
M. Michel Grimaldi

(Thanks to GoNintendo for the update)

Update Again: Although, the hopeful part in me reminds us that Nintendo of America also denied flat-out that a new version of the DS was going to debut anytime soon, just days before the DS Lite was debuted. So Nintendo of America either isn’t always informed on things, or they just like to keep us guessing.

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