Meta-Review: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time – DS

 The most anticipated Action-RPG is here — the new Mario and Luigi takes the series to a new level while utilizing the Nintendo DS’s capabilities. So far, I’ve read nothing but positive reviews!
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Review Tidbits
“Not a guarantee that it’s a game for everyone, but rather a big fat A+ for Alphadream when it comes to Advanced Game Design. This game is the cream of the portable gaming crop, and you’ll be really hard-ressed not to be taken in by at least one of it’s plentiful charms.”

“If this excellent battle system wasn’t enough… there is a lot of quirky humor everywhere in the game. Even better yet, the storyline is solid all the way through. Although light-hearted and made to cater people of all ages, you won’t feel alienated  from this game and will have a good laugh throughout. One noticeable difference from the GBA version is the use of more detailed animations. Its one of the first things I noticed about this game and it’s something I want to see in more future games… beautifully animated 2D sprites.”

“There’s enough action so that it doesn’t really feel like an RPG, and the humor makes it all the sweeter. ”

“My opinion of Partners in Time is smeared by the battle system’s flaws, which become more of an issue towards the end of the game. However, this is by far the best RPG currently available for the DS, and its use of the dual screens opens up gameplay possibilities that just aren’t available on any other system.”

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