Meet Up & Retro-Game With Racketboy At MomoCon


I’m very excited to announce that I will be attending as a featured guest at Momocon next month in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Fastbilly1 is one of the planners for the conference and will have a ton of old-school gaming available for all of us to take part in.

If you are anywhere near Atlanta, I really encourage you to join us. Since the admission is free, you don’t have much to lose. Since Fastbilly1 is a Momocon veteran and will be running the classic gaming section, I’ll let him summarize what you can expect in that area…

What To Expect At MomoCon

Here at the Momocon facilities we are ramping up our work to provide you the best experience we possibly can this year. Since I oversee both Boardgaming and Retrogaming I am going to give the loyal fans of Racketboy a little sneak peek at what we will have in the Retrogaming room this year. This is only a small sample of the collections, but it is a showcase of some of the more unique games you have a chance to see at our convention.

Two-TV Pacman Vs
Debuting at last years convention, Pacman Vs was played for a solid nine hours at last years convention. Utilizing a Gameboy Player and two Gamecubes, Two Tv Pacman Vs forgoes the use of a Gameboy Advanced for the Pacman player, and gives the player a full tv – as seen in this article from last year

Five-TV Zelda Four Swords
Barring any technical problems we are going to attempt something I have never seen documented anywhere. A five-TV, five-Gamecube, four-Gameboy Player setup of Zelda Four Swords. I have a two-player setup in my basement right now, and have two more cubes coming to me by months end. Odds are we will only have this set up for Shadow Battle and not campaign, to allow more people the chance to play. If you have ever had the pleasure of playing Zelda Four Swords with three other people the game is simply amazing. Shadow Battle is just as easy to learn as a game of Bomberman while keeping true to its Zelda roots. And who doesn’t like to run over their friends while riding on a horse that just appeared?

Ten Player Saturn Bomberman
Saturn Bomberman is easily in the top five single console multiplayer games ever created. The easy pick up and play gamestyle, coupled with the sheer scoop of a ten player game of Bomberman and you can understand why this may be a game of note.

New Dreamcast Shmups
That’s right boys and girls, the Dreamcast is not dead yet in Japan. Based on the phenomenal staying power of the Naomi chipset there are still new games coming out as of two years ago. Karous, Radiligy, Tigger Hearts Exelica, Under Defeat, etc. All were released on the Dreamcast after it was officially canceled as a platform. But thanks to some friends in Japan and Ebay we will have most of them available for play.

Typing of the Dead (Dreamcast)
As you can surmise from the title, Typing of the Dead is in the House of the Dead series. However unlike the House of the Dead games you use a keyboard and Type the words needed to kill the enemies. While this sounds like a stupid idea for someone who already knows how to type, it is a fantastic romp through the House of the Dead 2 storyline. There is a certain kind of joy that one gets when you kill Zombies by typing things like “RoboSnot,” “Smooth as Silk,” and “Pink Tofu.”

Just your average ordinary Pinball RTS. One of the oddest Gamecube games to be released stateside, Odama takes a generic RTS and makes it an arcade fans dream strategy game. The strategy aspect is on the lighter side, but the pinball action is amazing, combing the two makes for a beautiful game that really has to be experienced to be explained. It is also one of the hardest games of the last generation.

Shaq-Fu and Friends
Shaquille O’Neal’s breakout 2d fighter which is undeniably one of the greatest games to ever exist. Ok I cannot say that with a straight face. We had planned for a room of the worst games of all time, but have decided to hold off until next year. So this year we will have several of those games yall have heard of, but try to forget, open for play in the retrogaming room. Shaq-Fu and ET for sure, but Superman 64, Daikatana, and others should be there aswell.

Arcade Cabinets
There will be several classic arcade games on location as well. The only two I can state for certain at this time are Pole Position standup and a Nintendo Vs Cocktail with Vs Baseball. There are others that have been mentioned to me that will be there, but I do not have hard facts on them currently. A Marvel Vs Capcom Competition, a Neo Geo four slot, and a Track and Field have all been brought up — Along with some others I am not going to mention just to try and keep a surprise handy.

Other Possibilities
Many of you may be saying; “Gamecube, Dreamcast, hardly old school,” and while you may be right there will be plenty of other older games you may or may not remember. Heck I may even dust off the Jaguar and plug in Flip Out or Atari Karts for everyone. There should be every major system from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox ready for that room, with a whole host of games for each one (there will be staff in the room to switch out the games and there should be a list of games available). This list was an attempt to show some of the more unique things we will have available, it is in no way, shape, or form a full list. Also things can change at the last moment, heck I may end up with a copy of Stackup and have a R.O.B. present.

And of course we are always open to trying to provide more of what the fans want. So if you have any ideas please post them in the thread on the forums or simply in the comment section.


Brandon aka Raztat says:

OO im going to try and go so hopefully I will see you there!

fastbilly1 says:

Dang it racket, now I want to do some case mods to my Gamecubes and make them look like those in the marquee. Maybe next year, if this takes off ofcourse.

will says:

4 player goldeneye would be cool as well

mrgoodbytes says:

odama?! sweetness, a game that deserves alot of respect, and if you havent tried it, its an amazing ‘multiplayer’ experience…. if only it was closer, I’d come just for that… for the life of me, I cant get past the 8th stage.

All Hail The New Flesh says:

hmmmmmmm, interesting, sounds cool but the problem is that I live all the way from Connecticut.

Dan says:

RETURN FIRE !!!! 3DO!!!!! RETURN FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fastbilly1 says:

Goldeneye was something that we have tossed around, and since I am ordering four joystick replacements that should also be going all weekend long. Thanks for pointing that one out Will.

Dan, I do not own Return Fire but I will try to get a copy of it in the coming weeks. Loved the pc version, never did buy the 3do one.

Mrgoodbytes, I am glad to see that I am not the only one who loves the pinball rts. It never got any attention and for the longest time was $50 at Gamestop. Only recently did it drop down to an acceptable price. I actually hope to have two copies going at the same time.

All Hail the New Flesh, it is a bit far for most of yall but I figured I would throw the invitation out there anyway.

will says:

Odama is like $8 on half.

Over in South Australia (where I live) there are groups of people that organise LANs and gaming events. Except for the yearly Anime and Games festival I have only attended one of these other gaming events. The people that run these events simply have no idea. Wii Sports, Smash Bros competitions simply suck.

I have a bit of a hatred for their terrible running of these events. Which I why this insight puts such a smile on my face. The Pacman Vs, arcade cabinets, Bomberman are just brilliant ideas and I commend you and fastbilly1 for it.

Obviously I am won’t be able to come. So post up some photos for us eh? Also I thought that I might post a few suggestions that you might want to think about if they are still viable;

LAN Mario Kart Double Dash 8 player set up
Micro Machines (Genesis) multiplayer (I think its 4 player I forget)
NES Four Score games – basically a 4 player port for the NES, you can find a list of campatible games here:

Nintendo World Cup comes recomended by me.

If I have any other ideas I might drop some by the forum. Have fun guys. ^_^

RadarScope1 says:

Sounds fun. Wish I could go!

neomerge says:

damn sounds really fun im gonna try to talk me and 2 of my friends to go with me.

MrWiggumBeard says:

It’s a shame. I go to college here in Atlanta, but the 15 is the first weekend of Spring Break and I’m going home. 🙁

While I do like going home, meeting Racketboy and seeing this con would have been an awesome opportunity. 😀

Hank Peters says:

Were you the one working in the retro room? If I had known this, I would have made it a bigger priority to get there earlier. I was the guy with the goggles playing Typing of the Dead late on Sunday. Without a doubt it was my favorite room in the entire con (besides the lack of people).

racketboy says:

I was one of the ones there. On Sunday I had the white t-shirt on. It took off at about 5pm on Sunday though.
Don’t remember anyone with goggles….
But I do know Typing of the Dead was quite popular 🙂

fastbilly1 says:

Hank, I think I remember you. Were you part of a large group or just there with a few others? There were two guys with goggles there Sunday and I did not really sleep the week of.

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