If Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Was In HD…

Some of you way have already seen this in the forum, but I had to share this with everyone…

If Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Was In HD

Just imagine if Sega remastered Sonic 2 or 3 with the same care that Capcom is taking with the HD Remix of Super Street Fighter 2…
(Click on the image to see the larger version) .  (Original Artist is Alchemist Defined )

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Richard says:

Amazing RacketBoy.
This photo, made me cry. It´s perfect.

RackeyBoy you are always one step foward.

I would like that Sega, could listen to you just a little.

GSZX1337 says:

It’s… it’s so beautiful!
If that ever comes out, I’d buy whatever console it’s on just for that game.

skewgee says:

ah, a boy can dream…

racketboy says:

Holy cow — no I didn’t — I didn’t see that one.
Not quite as easy on the eye, but still impressive.

How did you find these originally, BTW?

(I hope he does more in the future)

d says:

Congratulations, Alchemist Defined is hereby hired by Sega. Nice start salary too. A deserving one he is. Nice artwork.
I can totally imagine this.

Droid party says:

I must own it now…NOOOWWWW!!!

Caleb says:


Zero Rings? Tough luck hedgehog.

All Hail The New Flesh says:

wow, I am speechless.

gord says:

you always have zero rings at the last two bosses caleb 😉

Mozgus says:

I found them on /v/.

caleb says:

“you always have zero rings at the last two bosses caleb”


I only beat the handheld version of Sonic 2 a long time ago so I guess I never actually faced off against the last enemies in the earlier Genesis games.

Damn, learn something new every day. Maybe I ought to stop trying to beat Sonic CD and concetrate on playing some of the old carts.

P.P.A.This says:

This would be freaking awesome if it wasn’t Sonic 2.

Still pretty good mockup.

paul says:

isn’t sonic 1 & 2 in HD on the xbox 360 arcade download?

digga says:

sonic 2 was one of the best in the series. it introduced us to super sonic.

that would be a great hd image.

Jake says:

if they made this for ps3 i would definetly cream my pants…

fred says:

did nobody else notice that the number seem to spell out the level select code for sonic 2?

how much would it cost ? thanks for sharing, i didn’t know if i haven’t read this post on digg

Angelina Mina

Shin-Kaiser says:

Wasn’t super sonic in Sonic 1 as well? I’m sure if you got all the emeralds you could turn into him…?

Matt - London says:

Id buy it and whatever console it was released on in a heart beat. Nothing has attracted me to any of the next gen consoles that much so far.

Ken Kolano says:

I imagine there will eventually be an emulator that will allow the sprite replacement needed to implement this. There already is for the N64 (i.e. that allows the low-res textures to be updated with higher res replacements).

dustin says:

i would buy that game for sure, i never beat sonic 2 on my genesis and it still haunts me to this day. Mabey with that i’d be able to finally beat it.

Chris says:

that looks fanTASTIC. does want.

Epikurus says:

Probably no need to add my love to this, but I would certainly buy this too. Where is a Sega scout when you need one?!

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