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Overclock Your Dreamcast

The Dreamcast is one of the best consoles ever when it comes to homebrew emulators and applications. However with some of the more demanding projects like an SNES emulator or DivX player, the Dreamcast could use a little more horsepower to make it a more enjoyable experience. In order to give this needed boost, owners […]

Create Reprogrammable Genesis Carts

MAKE Magazine pointed to an informative piece on how to create your own reprogrammable cartridge for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. It can be used for many things, such as running demos, homebrew games and music on the real console. Sounds like a cool project for me to take on when I get caught up on stuff. […]

Homebrew Game & Watch Games Make Debut

As posted on Slashdot: The latest PDRoms Coding Competition has just finished. The idea was to write a homebrew Game & Watch-style freeware game for handhelds or consoles, and there were a total of 24 freely downloadable submissions. In detail, there were 10 Game Boy Advance entries, 8 GP32 entries, 3 Gameboy Color entries, 1 […]

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