Homebrew Virtua Fighter 5 Lindbergh Arcade Cabinet

Virtua Fighter Homebrew Arcade Cabinet

This has actually shown up on a number of sites in the past few months, but I wanted to be sure to share this with everyone on here.  I’ve always been a big fan of arcade cabinets wheter they be you standard old-school designs or sleek and modern gaming stations.

The Sega Lindbergh-based Virtua Fighter 5 arcade cabinet is a great example of a modern design and I know many people would love to get their hands on their own.  However, due to the price of the machine itself and the necessary shipping, it’s not exactly practical for more people.  L_A_Akira  from the VirtuaFighter.com forum took matters into his own hands by desiginng his very own relatively low-cost, homebrew setup.  It helps that he’s a skilled 3D modelist, but you can see from some of the shots below that it turned out quite well.

The images on the original forum thread seem to be broken, but Tatoon seemed to grab most of them and put them on Flickr.  You can see all the images here and also view them in slideshow mode.

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fox099 says:

those screens look pretty pricey. i realize you said low price, but how low price are we talking?

Ray says:

Wow, that’s crazy. Seems wildly expensive, actually.

You can build a MAME cabinet with your OWN system hardware…

racketboy says:

“relatively low-cost”
key word: relatively
I can’t find a quote on the real thing, but I can guarentee you that is is MUCH cheaper than buying the real thing. We’re talking many thousands of dollars — especially including shipping.
Take a look at these prices for games on the same hardware:

Double the numbers to convert it into dollars (roughly)

Francisco says:

Who knows the model of the monitor?

Luke says:

Looks very nice but I think it sits way too low. In order to get the full arcade experience you should be standing.

Also, why is there two sides to this cabinet?

racketboy says:

I can’t remember, but that height might be the way the real thing is. Some people like to sit, but I’m with you on the matter.

The two sides is for VS matches, of course 🙂

gord says:

… just makes me want to play two player (mirror one game on both monitors) nicely filtered metal slug 3 on it 😉

Doctor Fugue says:

Many Japanese machines are sit-down, my friends. I wager some would find your way of standing to be incorrect and not the “full arcade experience.” 🙂

Tatoon says:

Hi, racketboy.
i’m glad you put my flickr images set about this impressive arcade cabinet. This post in my blog, SEGArcadia, refers to the original article at VFDC. Missing some photos of the original forum thread.
SEGA rules !!!

Eddie says:

Those screens aren’t pricey, you can get those at Target for $799-$899.

cfdacfda says:

Ever heard of aspect ratio?

16:9 screens for 4:3 games…. bleh.

Anonymous Coward says:

VF5 *is* 16:9

Awesome idea! I like your idea but isn’t it expensive? I mean that monitor looks kinda fancy and I prefer a DIY that is not that expensive. Anyways, great idea and blog! Thanks for sharing this!

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