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 I think one of the best things about retro gaming is how fun it is to amass a great collection of old games. Not only is it wonderful to be able to play all sorts of games whenever you feel like it, but there is also something therapeutic about looking at all the boxes and their artwork. Here are two great pieces to get you in the collecting mood:

The Passion of the Collector
Siliconera (one of my personal favorite blogs) had a followup to their article about GameQuest Direct and their video game reprints. (which I covered here) called “Passion of the Collector”

The Biggest Game Collection Ever?
Many of you have probably seen this linked around the Net the last month or so, but I just had to post it here for those who may have missed it (and for me to find it later).

My friend, RedWolf, from Vintage Computing and Gaming posted pictures of one of the largest game collections ever. It’s almost brain-numbing to look at all the boxes. Anyway, Redwold also followed up with another great interview with the collection’s owner


alonzobots says:

This siliconera is a total moron, and I will prove it with his own words “And whatever Game Quest says, the only reason they’re doing this is to make money.” That a game company wants to *gasp*, make a profit, is somehow unethical shows this guy is someone no one should ever listen to.
I am glad that gamequest is rereleasing old games, mabey now I can get a real version of Panzer dragoon saga instead of a paying $250 for a good copy or $100 for some scratched to hell version with no printed materials.

racketboy says:

Actually, it’s a Siliconera reader who wrote all that.

The website just reprinted it.

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