Final Fantasy I & II Coming To PSP

I still find it funny that after all the initial hype of the power of the PSP, the biggest PSP game announcements as of late have been remakes of old games.

Anyway, this time around, Final Fantasy I and II are once again making their way to a new device. The PSP version might just be the must beautiful (see the new screenshots) and fully-featured.

From GamesAreFun

” Famitsu recently released some new screenshots of the two upcoming remakes of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II for the PSP. The remakes are coming in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the original Final Fantasy. Along with completely redone graphics, each game will feature additions that were included in other prior Final Fantasy I and II remakes on the Game Boy Advance, Playstation, and Wonderswan. “

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gnome says:

Great news and lovely 8bit-styled graphics…

kevinski says:

More like 16-bit-styled, but yeah…nice, nonetheless. Still, it’s sad to know that the only games that’re really worth playing on PSP (aside from Portable Ops, anyway) are remakes of older games.

gord says:

gah, where is my remake of FFVI dang it? not the silly gba “its exsacly the same but on a smaller resolution!” style but full on, graphics redone and all that style.

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