Featured Free Game: Echoes – Asteroids Meets Geometry Wars


Platform: PC

Genre: 2D Shooter

Summary: Geometry Wars clones are all the rage right now as the trippy shooter calls back to simpler shooting days while bringing modern eye-candy. Echoes from Binary Zoo Studio takes a very similar approach with its glowing vector graphics, but has more of an Asteroids gameplay mechanic as opposed to Geometry Wars’ Robotron roots. A dual-shock style PC gamepad is my choice of controls, but keyboard and/or mouse can also do the trick if that’s your thing.

What I like Best: Much like Geometry Wars, you can get into a trance-like state while you’re “in the zone”. I also love the sound effect they use for blowing up the BIG asteroids. It has such a nice rumble on my speakers.

Watch The Game In Action:

Download The Game: BinaryZoo.com

Discuss The Game: Racketboy.com Forums

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Game Hacks says:

the video is taking a lot of time to load, download link

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