FC Twin: Play NES and SNES Games On The Same Console

In the past, I’ve discussed a couple of different NES clones and how they can be an decent alternative to the dying population of original NES consoles (see Generation NEX and NeoFami). This past November, a new NES clone upped the offerings by adding SNES support in tandem with NES capabilities. That’s right, with the new FC Twin, you can play both NES and Super Nintendo games on the same machine.

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Thad says:

How’s compatibility? Because if it’s as mediocre as the NEX, I think I’ll have to pass.

Haha! I just purchased this on ebay for 38 bucks like 2 days ago.

kevinski says:

My roommate owns one of these. Surprisingly, the SNES emulation is very, very good. Sadly, I just can’t say the same for things on the NES side.

The color palette is just really, really off. Also, good luck trying to play The Legend of Zelda on it. The map is very, very glitchy to the point where it’s useless for the less experienced. If you’ve got the entire game memorized, however, you’ll be fine.

Oh, and the audio for the NES emulation blows. Collecting coins in Super Mario Bros. simply doesn’t yield the proper sound effect.

I haven’t tested a ton of games, but the NES emulation really isn’t as good as the SNES emulation. I’m pretty impressed with the fact that this thing supposedly handles Mega Man X2 flawlessly, though. That’s suppose to be one of the most difficult SNES games to emulate, so I’m impressed.

By the way, the controllers that come with this are actually very respectable SNES controller clones. Of course, they’re not as good as the real thing (the d-pads are a bit stiff), but they’re very, very close.

By the way, these use SNES-compatible controllers only, so no Duck Hunt. I suppose that the Power Pad is ruled out, too. 😛

Anonymous says:

looks like a genesis

Killette says:

I just got mine today (ya I’m a little behind on posting here) and I’ve had absolutely no trouble with it. Every game started up no fighting or jiggling the carts. Even a tengen rip-off started instantly which other clones don’t run. It also has started konami games (tmnt) also without problem. I haven’t tried any imports yet, but I would definitely recommend buying this machine

todd says:

it is good for about the first month i wouldnt reccomend i cant even play the first zelda or some other games

Patrick BBE says:

Design based on the SNES mini?

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