FAQ: Why Do I Have To Set My Saturn’s Clock?

 If you recently bought a used Sega Saturn, chances are that when you boot the machine up, you will be asked to set the time and date. You probably don’t think much of it the first time, but you will probably become frustrated when you have to reset the date and time EVERY time you start up your Saturn.

Why is your Sega Saturn so forgetful? Most likely this problem is caused by a dead system battery. Don’t worry though, as a Saturn system battery is not expensive at all. I actually sell them for only $0.89 each plus shipping.

Not only will these batteries keep the date and time set, but they will also help your Saturn keep your game saves. So if you are playing a long RPG and save your progress, you won’t have to start over after you turn the system off.

If you want to keep your new system battery in top shape, make sure you play your Saturn at least a little bit every now and then. Just like a car, running it occasionally will help the battery re-charge a bit.

(You may also be interested to know that the same batteries can be used in your Dreamcast’s VMUs)

Buy a Sega Saturn System Battery from racketboy

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nonesuch says:

The guy at the game store who sold me a couple of these for my VMU told me this same battery is also used in SNES carts. So if you have a Super Nintendo game that keeps losing your savefile, try this! My Zelda and Chrono Trigger carts are dying, so I need to do this myself…

Alihes says:

Is this battery in any way related to the NES cart batteries? A la Zelda?

racketboy says:

I’m not quite sure about the NES ones — I’ll have to research that.
Do you have a picture of one?

You could jus buy a Saturn Memory card and keep the files permantly. They also fit ten times more files on ’em. Mind you, they’re kind of hard to find now, although I picked one up for a tenner in Gamestation last year which was lucky.

Arion says:

Uhm you know these are just Lithium Batteries..and no they arent made just for specific types of consoles. And you dont need to go to a special game related store to get somee. Any store that sells electronics should have Lithium Batteries. Even pc motherboards have a lithium battery.

racketboy says:

Yup — that is true, but I sell them cheaper than most places do and it may be more convenient for people to add one to one of their other orders from me.

Arion says:

Come to think of it i should have ordered one when i ordered the Saturn Mod 😀

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