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Maximus Arcade: Multi-Platform Emulator Front-End for Windows Media Center

One of my personal holy grails of my gaming life is to have a single machine that I can play a variety of games from different eras without having to get out of my chair. After reading that first sentence, you might think I’m lazy, but it really comes down to convenience and simplicity. I’ve […]

Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Emulation on Windows PC: KEGA Fusion

Note from racketboy: “For those starting out in the world of classic gaming, emulation is one of the first places people start out in order to get their feet wet. While emulators may be a bit more work to set up and use than the original console, it lets curious gamers play around with the […]

New Sonic The Hedgehog ROM Hack – Sonic 1 Mega Mix

After all the complaining about how Sega has screwed up Sonic the Hedgehog, I was pleased to see a sweet Sonic ROM hack featured on Siliconera. Sonic 1 Megamix is a ROM hack that essentially takes the levels of the first Sonic game, but throws in characters, physics and moves of the later games (including […]

Run Any PS1 Game On A PSP – Hacked Emulator Action!

It turns out the Sony PSP is actually good for something after all! (I kid.) Some ambitious software hackers have cracked Sony’s PS1 emulator for the PSP. Yes, that emulator — the one that is used to play the PS1 games that they sell on their PS3 store. Except for now instead of having to […]

First Impressions of the GP2X – Easy Emulation on the Go

Thanks to the great people over at gp2xstore.com, I have a new gadget to play with (and I will be playing with it a LOT). The GP2X is basically a Dreamcast (with its great homebrew scene) in a PSP shell. I have known about the GP2X (and its predecessor, the GP32) and its emulation/media capabilities […]

Review: NesterDC – Play NES Game ROMs on Your Dreamcast

The Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console is bringing classic Nintendo emulation to the masses, but with the high download prices, it can be frustrating for people that already own the original cartridges to have to shell out more money. Fortunately for us retro gamers that aren’t able to find and/or purchase a Wii and purchase Virtual […]

Cheap, Easy, and Legit Sega Classics on the PS2

With all the hype over the retro downloads on the Wii’s Virtual Console and the XBox Live Arcade, many gamers have completely missed the release of the Sega Genesis Collection for the PS2. For once, Sega has gotten the clue and included a health spoonful of top-notch Genesis classics on one compliation. While not every […]

New GBA & PSX Emulation Developments for the Dreamcast

The Dreamcast is an extremely versatile machine – there’s no denying that. As if the commercial developers didn’t push the limits of the console enough, there are many homebrew and emulator developers out there that are trying to squeeze every last ounce of processing power out of the Dreamcast in order to bring more playable […]

Interview with Ben Heck – Man Behind The XBox 360 Laptop

Benjamin Heckendorn (aka Ben Heck) is one of the greatest console hackers the gaming community has ever known. Not only does Ben have the amazing technical knowledge and great design sense, but he is also a riot to converse with. In case you are not familiar with his work, he was recently featured on Digg, […]

Make the Most of Your Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is quite possibly one of the most versatile console of all time. They also happen to be quite affordable and plentiful. If you don’t already have one, you need to pick one (or two) up. If you already have one, take a look at some hardware and software that will maximize your […]

Retro Gaming Dream Machines

Over the last decade or two, we have seen a wide variety of gaming hardware — each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I would love to be able to play with just about every unique piece of hardware at least once. However, some of the most interesting gaming machines are both difficult to […]

Bleemcast : Playstation Games On Your Dreamcast

The Dreamcast is truly an amazing machine that was ahead of its time. One amazing capability that Sega’s little white box was able to pull off surprisingly well was emulate original Playstation games. Now don’t get your hopes up too much — while some games run quite well, the number of Playstation games that are […]

Could the PS3 Become An Emulator Haven?

I haven’t found many reasons to even consider a PS3 anytime soon. Up until now, Virtua Fighter 5 is basically the only thing that caught my attention. However, Sony recently announced that every PS3 will come with a Linux-based homebrew kit. MattG at PressTheButtons pointed out that this may confuse a number of potential PS3 […]

Modded XBox: Ultimate Emulation Machine

Sure the Nintendo Revolution looks to be a solid contender for those of us that want to have a no-nonsense, to buy and play classic games. But for those of you that don’t want to wait and/or want more flexibility in your emulation options, a modded XBox may be your solution. For the last few […]

NES Flash Carts – DIY Kits Soon For Sale

Some people like me are happy playing their NES ROMs on their Dreamcast or other emulation machine. However, there are the extra hardcore that insist on only playing NES games on a real Nintendo Entertainment System. With an NES Flash Cart, you would have the opportunity to play all of the best NES games on […]

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