Dreamcast VGA Cables Now On Sale

 As many of the Forum members are aware of, I have been selling Dreamcast VGA video cables (similar to a VGA Box). These cables take the place of a standard video cable like and Composite or S-Video cable and instead let you connect your Dreamcast to any VGA monitor or VGA-compatible video display/HDTV.

With a Dreamcast VGA Cable attached to a monitor or HDTV, you will be able to enjoy the absolute best image quality of any console next to an XBox 360 with an HDMI cable. (The Dreamcast is the only console to natively support VGA)

While a VGA cable will not boost the resolution of the picture, it will keep the signal completely digital leaving you with a crystal-clear picture and razor-sharp graphics. It is basically the same image quality you would receive from playing a PC game or emulator on your PC or Mac’s monitor.

Games such as Soul Calibur and Shenmue will blow you away and even high-resolution 2D games like Guilty Gear X will take your breath away when hooked up to a VGA display. I plan on developing both a list of eye-candy games and comparison screen shots later on.

I initially ordered just a small quantity of these VGA cables to ensure that the quality was good before stocking up on a bunch. However now, I will be keeping a good supply on hand and will have them available for purchase on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below this post. You can also read more comments, view screenshots, and join the discussion on this thread in the forums.

Dreamcast VGA Cable at the racketboy store
Dreamcast VGA Adapter Compatibility List

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lunar says:

My friend just bought a VGA box off eBay for our Dreamcast. We went through our collection of DC games and I must say, Psyvariar, Rez, and many other schmups look beautiful with the higher resolution. Rez especially.

Alex says:

Anybody know of any wireless (including IR) DC controllers?

racketboy says:

I’ve seen some IR ones on eBay, but they are pretty price, look like crap, and I have no idea how well they work

jemsic says:

The VGA cable DOES boost the resolution (640×480). That’s why not every game is VGA compatible.

Mozgus says:

::sigh:: The VGA cable does NOT raise the resolution. The number of pixels being rendered is still the same. You simply get a much better picture because the signal is staying split in multiple lines until it reaches the monitor.

If you want to get REALLY technical, then one thing that actually is raised is the number of frames per second, but that’s only for games which normally run at 60 unique FIELDS per second on a standard tv. On a vga monitor, these games then run at 60 unique FRAMES per second.

Mozgus says:

Also racketboy, VGA is an analog transfer method. Not a digital one. DVI or HDMI would be digital. But it doesn’t matter because at 640×480, you can’t tell the difference between VGA and DVI. DVI only starts to shine at about 1280×1024 and above.

ThePoetEmrys says:

Does anyone know the difference between the VGA cable and the VGA box? is there even a difference, I’ve always been confused about that.

Mozgus says:

The VGA Boxes for dreamcast usually offer 480i as well as 480p. Basically, it has s-video, composite, rca audio jacks on one side, and vga with a headphone audio jack on the other side. And there is a switch for you to choose between the two. Handy for those rare games that cant do VGA, and you must hit the switch and use 480i instead, on a regular tv.

jemsic says:

Well, the DC VGA cable has to raise SOMETHING. Because it grounds out an extra pin to make the DC send out a different type of signal. S-video, Composite, and RF all run out the same signal.

Mozgus says:

Go spend a couple years studying all things digital and analog video, then we’ll continue this. You can start by pulling your facts from wikipedia or some other source, rather then your ass.

racketboy says:

now, now, gentlemen — lets keep it friendly in here.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on stocking VGA boxes as well?

The VGA Boxes are about twice as heavy and bit pricier, so my price would be significantly higher than the VGA cables in order to maintain my flat shipping rate.

What games are you aware of that aren’t compatible with the VGA cable?

jemsic says:

Dino Crisis, Hydro Thunder…

Not that many games. All the best games are all compatible.

Mozgus says:

I have a big list of incompatible games, as an html file, if you want it. It also tells which of those games can be patched to work.

racketboy says:

Yeah, please send it to me 🙂

walrus12 says:

I used to have a DC w/ VGA box hooked up to my blue and white apple CRT. It was GLORIOUS. I remember liking my sports games, Crazy Taxi and PSO the best.
Mine was the translucent orange one from innovation that had AV, S-Video and a sound jack on the side. Starting to regret selling the DC now, might need to pick one up.

Anonymous says:

I just wanna ask… what gives a better picture quality? S-Video or RGB?

cris92x says:

i know it gives better image result but what about sound?

racketboy says:

sound is relatively the same.
It’s an analog headphone/pc speaker jack.

Patrick Widlake says:

I just want to give my unsolicited endorsement of Racketboy’s wonderful VGA cable and this great Website. I bought one of these last year (August 2006? September?)and my Dreamcast games–especially Soul Calibur, PSO, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Sega Sports titles, Dead or Alive 2, Crazy Taxi, Sword of the Berserk: Guts Rage, and Jet Grind Radio–look fantastic on my 19″ flat panel monitor.

I recently kicked it up a further notch when I purchased a 32″ Sony Bravia HD LCD that has a PC-connection. When I hooked the Dreamcast up to it using the VGA cable, the visual beauty almost made me weep.

Bless you, Racketboy.

Art Van Delay says:

Great cable, great price. Definitely recommend.

Steve says:

Will this work with a DVI cable using a DVI to VGA Connector? Thanks.

racketboy says:

A Simple cable that costs a few dollars won’t as those don’t actually convert anything. You will need one of those more expensive boxes to convert.

Cyberxion says:

I just received the box, and was disappointed to find that it wouldn’t connect to the VGA input on my HDTV. I have an extra cable that I use to plug my PC into my HDTV, and that may do the trick, however I’d have to unplug it from my PC. Maybe some other time.

Fortunately I had an old PC monitor lying around, and was able to use that. It’s alright, and the games that support the VGA box look fantastic running on it. It’s a little small though, but it’s a decent solution until I get my lazy ass around to unplugging the cable and testing it out with the DC VGA box on my HDTV.

Chris says:

Hi, I want to purchase a VGA device for my Sega Dreamcast, but I am a little confused as to if I should buy the VGA cable, the VGA Box, or both. Here is my situation… I have an HDTV with VGA, S-Video, and Composite Support. When I look at the pictures of the two VGA devices, that is, the box and cable I get confused. If I buy the cable, I was wondering where to connect it to on my Dreamcast? Does it go in the usual AV out port or does it go in the serial port? If it goes in the AV out, like I suspect, then where will I get my sound from, because the VGA is only picture, am I right? Also, I understand that with the VGA you can also use s-video and composite (rca) wirers with it. I am a little confused about this as well. When I look at the VGA box in the pictures on your site and the net, it looks to me that there is no wire connected to it for me to plug it into my VGA port on my TV. Basically, how does the box plug into my VGA imput? That said, this leads me to believe that I also need to purchase the VGA cable (or S-Video or RCA cable) in conjunction with the box to get a picture. Still though, all this still makes me wonder, where do the VGA box or VGA cable plug into my Dreamcast, the serial or AV out port. If it is the AV out like I suspect, then where do I get my sound from????? because my only sound port on the Dreamcast will be taken up by the VGA box and/or cable for picture purposes. Someone please post back, so I can purchase the proper wires. Thanks, Chris

Also, why wouldn’t the previous poster’s (Cyberxions) VGA box not fit into his VGA input on his HDTV? Now I am concerned about he same potential problem.

Gordon clark says:

Hi i would like to know what kind of audio jack the vga cable has got and whether it works on pal machines and tv’s

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