Creative Hacks for Elegant Gamecube and Wii Harmony

One of the most overlooked selling features of the Nintendo Wii is its small footprint and sleek styling. Once the Virtual Console is fleshed out more, the Wii has to opportunity to make an incredible amount of games, both new and old, available without taking up much space in your entertainment center.

Unfortunately, if you plan on using the wide selection of Gamecube games with a stock Wii, you will be required to significantly decrease the attractiveness of the Wii’s design due to memory cards and controller ports sticking out of the side/top of the system. (See this picture to see what I mean). However, with a few of these hardware hacks, you can enjoy Gamecube goodness without compromising style.

Adding Internal Wavebird Support

The wireless Wavebird controller (or 4 of them) is an essential playing traditional games without having to worry about stringing controller cables across your gaming room. However, even though the Wii supports its own wireless controllers internally, you still have to plug the ugly Wavebird receivers on the side/top to utilize them. With this modification, you can put the Wavebird receiver inside of the Wii’s body. This example only puts one receiver in the machine, but if you are willing to carve out more plastic, you can probably pull off a 4-controller setup.

Adding an Internal GC Memory Card

One of the pet peeves for Wii owners is the fact that they can’t use the Wii SD card to save their Gamecube progress. Instead you have to stick the relatively large GC memory cards out the legacy ports. This guide will show you how to permanently get a Gamecube memory card inside the Wii’s case.

Move Gamecube Controller Ports To The Front

For those of you that don’t want to mess with the internals of the Wii as much and/or want to be able to have a more aesthetically pleasing solution for plugging in the essential wired Gamecube controllers (like the DK Bongos, GBA-to-GC cable for Pac-Man vs, FF Crystal Chronicles, and Zelda Four Swords, and the Microphone for Mario Party and Odama), here is a sweet modification for having a breakout box of sorts for the Gamecube controller ports.

Design Your Own Sleek Gamecube All-In-One Add-On

While there doesn’t seem to be a guide on how to actually build this, here is an interesting mockup for a plug-in addition to the side of the Wii that allows you to have these internal modifications on a separate section that doesn’t require you to open and modify the Wii’s guts.

Gameboy Advance Player Wii Hack?

I love my Gameboy Advance Player on my Gamecube for playing a great deal of great 2D games, but it seems to be the one Gamecube thing that the Wii can’t pull off. I wonder if anybody will be able to pull off a hack for this…

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