Complete SEALED Japanese Dreamcast Game Library on eBay


As we’ve discussed before, sealed games yield quite a premium over their opened counterparts when it comes to collectors. This is especially true of games that are rare to begin with. So imagine my amazement when forum member, lost_within posted this massive eBay auction that includes every single Japanese Dreamcast game in sealed condition.

As if it weren’t enough that the seller is offering every regular-issue game (which would be a feat in itself), but this also includes every single limited edition release and box set as well. The seller has pretty solid feedback, so it should be legit, but it will be interesting to see if somebody will pony up the cash.

From the item description:
“606 games,including all Dorikore reprints, all games in “deluxe version” when they were released as normal AND deluxe versions!” …. “Games are BRAND NEW, FACTORY SEALED, all CD case sized ones protected with extra plastic bag from dust&stuff!It will take you YEARS of collecting& searching, like me, to find all of them!” (read full description with list of every game included)

That’s right, the Japanese Dreamcast library includes some rare & valuable gems in them that are quite expensive even in opened condition. Some of the highlights include:

  • Border Down DX Pack
  • Cleopatra Fortune
  • Twinkle Star Sprites
  • Space Channel 5 Part 2 Dreamcast Direct Special Box
  • De La Jet Set Radio Dreamcast Direct Limited Box
  • Segagaga Dreamcast Direct Limited Box
  • Vampire Chronicle for Matching service
  • All the newest 2D Shooters like the ones in this auction

So you want to see what this collection looks like? Have a look:








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baco says:

boo hoo & I thought my 16 sealed copies were cool to own,(14 pal 2 sealed last hope`s)But we all have to satrt some where i spose? btw I allways collect an opened version too to play, except for my only sealed saturn game “shining force 3” cos 1 I dont go in for rpg`s hardly at all.And if i had the approx £8000 I would buy the collection at the drop of a hat ,& keep it sealed .Baco

Ujn Hunter says:

Anyone know of a place that would give me a loan for this? 😉

adrian says:

what is in the box version of de la jet set radio since it is bigger than the regular jewel case size boxes. just wondering if it´s worth the effort of getting this version of jet set radio.

Hi 🙂 I have just came into a pretty large collection of factory sealed/mint resealed/pre-owned Japanese Dreamcast titles. They are all going up for sale in my ebay shop ..

There are a few real gems like Lack Of Love (still factory sealed) amongst others ..

At the time of this message I am barely a quarter through listing them all but have started with the factory seals and have 30-40 listed so far

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