The Cheapest Sega Saturn Games Worth Your Time

When you add a console to your collection, the first thing you want to do is get a handful of games to keep you busy with your new toy. However, most of us can’t spend afford to spend fat pile of cash for a few games. This budget-friendly list should help you quickly find which games will start you off well without emptying your wallet. (Prices listed are an average eBay price for complete US games, including shipping)

Cheap Classics

Daytona USA: $4
 As one of the biggest launch titles and eventual pack-in game, Daytona USA is one of the most common games in the Saturn library. You can get it dirt cheap in its pack-in form as it is commonly thown in as game or system bundles on eBay. You can also find the original full-case version for just a few dollars. This Saturn version isn’t quite as polished as its Dreamcast sibling, but if you are tight on money (or just a collector), you can’t go wrong with the original console version of Daytona USA.
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Sega Rally Championship: $5
Sega Rally is the essential complement to Daytona USA if you are a racing fan. This drifting-filled racer truely is an essential and dirt-cheap classic. But just like Daytona USA, Sega Rally also has a graphically-enhanced sequel on the Dreamcast that is also pricier. But at $5 its hard to go wrong with the Saturn version.
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Virtua Fighter 2: $4
Just like Daytona USA, you can find the plain disk or sleaved (pack-in) version for next to nothing. But collectors will most likely be willing to pay just a few dollars for the full-case retail version. Virtua Fighter 2 actually serves as a great technical demo for the Saturn. The game maxed out the Saturn’s High Resolution 720×575 mode (highest for a console game at that time) while running at a smooth 60fps.
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Virtua Cop : $5
As the last in the trio of pack-in games for the Saturn, Virtua Cop is next to free as well. Virtua Cop 2 is a great follow-up and is and it a bit more if you want to spring for it. Light gun games haven’t progressed a whole lot since the late 1990’s, so the Virtua Cop series still holds up quite well.
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Fighters Megamix: $10
Fighters Megamix took the models from Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers and threw in some of Virtua Fighter 3’s new moves. Megamix looked good, but lacked Virtua Fighter 2’s high-resolution feature. Of all of the non-pack-in games, Fighters Megamix is one of the best values today. You still won’t find as much depth as some modern fighters like Soul Calibur, but it’s a great game to give your Saturn some life.
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Virtual On: Cyber Troopers: $6
This excellent conversion of the one-on-one mech fighter is one of the most innovative bargain out of the bunch. Virtual On is essentially a true 3D fighter with super-quick mechs trying to blow each other up while dodging and hiding behind obstacles in the course. However, once again, the Dreamcast also has an enhanced sequel, but this Saturn original passes the savings on to you.
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Street Fighter Alpha 2: $10
As one of my favorite fighting games of all time, I can’t help but put Street Fighter Alpha 2 on this list. At around $10, it can still fit into the smaller budgets. While some may prefer the larger character lineup of the more expensive Street Fighter Zero 3 (Alpha 3), I feel that Alpha 2 has more balanced gameplay and tighter control.
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Panzer Dragoon Zwei: $15
While you probably won’t be able to find this classic under $10, Panzer Dragoon Zwei is one of the more affortable foundations of the Saturn library. You can usually find it to be a better value than the original Panzer Dragoon.
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NiGHTS into Dreams: $20
This crown jewel of the Sega Saturn used to be one of the most afforable games on the system. However, with all the nostolgic talk about the game and the rumors of a sequel on the Wii, the demand for Nights into Dreams for the Saturn has pushed the price up to the $20 range. Even though this is by far the most expensive games on this “bargain” list, it is definately worth the price — especially since it hasn’t been ported to another console.
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Other Cheap Favorites

  • Astal: $10 – As one of the most beautiful 2D platformers, you shouldn’t pass up this bargain (eBay)
  • Baku Baku: $10 – A relatively unique puzzle game that is worth the small investment (eBay)
  • Rayman: $8 – One of the best platformers of the 32-bit era is not only affordable, but is engaging and filled with stunning 2D. (eBay)
  • Manx TT Super Bike: $4 – A very nice bike racer that could be thought of as a 3D Super HangOn. (eBay)
  • Hercs Adventure: $8 – A quirky little action game from LucasArts that is a nice little thrill for not a lot of money. (eBay)

Cheap Japanese Imports

My Started Picks For $50 Budget

If I only had $50 to spend on starting out a Saturn collection, here would be my top picks (in order of priority):

  • NiGHTS Into Dreams – $20
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 – $10
  • Virtua Fighter 2 – $4
  • Daytona USA – $4
  • Virtual On – $6
  • Sega Rally – $5
  • Total = $49

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Mozgus says:

Woah, cool article idea.

grittykitty says:

yeah, i second that! these games are overlooked too often. maybe more guides for other systems would be a good idea (and added into their own permanent section on the site)

Anonymous says:

I like this idea too. Too bad I don’t have a Saturn :(. I’d love to see a DC, SNES, NES, or Genesis version though!

racketboy says:

I’ve got more of these guides in the works!

Mozgus says:

But the Dreamcast article is going to have to be epic. There are seriously 100+ fantastic games that you can buy for less than $20, most under $10.

racketboy says:

Well, my goal is going to be to keep each under $10 with a few exceptions under $20.

For example, I HAD to include NiGHTS in this list.

But yeah, there are a lot of great, cheap Dreamcast games

gnome says:

Brilliant, tempting and lovely retro-budget post…

the7k says:

Just thought I’d warn people that Herc’s Adventure is no longer a cheap game: In fact, it goes for about $40+ now, same with NiGHTS.

After dropping sad news like that, the good news is that many of the 2D fighters that characterized the Saturn can be found on the cheap, if you look in the right places. I’ve already scored a less than $10 copy of Vampire Savior, and I’ve noticed others selling Real Bout Fatal Fury, KOF97 and even X-Men vs Street Fighters in the $10-20 range.

racketboy says:

Thanks for the update.
I’m planning on updating this series in the very near future — this will point me in the right direction 🙂

Mike says:

Yea Saturn games are skyrocketing in price. The cheapest I’ve seen complete Astal go for is 30 bucks. Rayman has become a 40 game as well.

sreeff says:

Honestly I got Astal handed down to me, but it isn’t really that good of a game. Get the JAP version where you have unlimited continues!

Tempest says:

I find it strange that you recommend Sega Rally 2 over Saturn Sega Rally. Rally 2 might look better and have more tracks, but the controls are too loose and ultimately it doesn’t play as sublimely as the Saturn game.

breakwind says:

Recently i purchased both Daytona CCE & Fighter’s Megamix games(used-good condition with instruction manuals )for under $10 each.That’s quite a bargin these days now.

Chris says:

Yeah…the saturn collecting is killing me now. I by no means do this for profit and there are so many out there who do it makes it impossible!

Newt says:

I havent seen a copy of Rayman cheaper than $14.

Radu says:

Hey i just bot a sega saturn you can`t imagine how rare are this in my country and i gotted with o controller too
bu no AV Cable and i don`t have anymore money to sped on an AV cable so i wonderd if ant of you have a schematic of the sega saturn AV cable or that s-video thing but i need to now exactly how to wire them thanks alot

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BrianC says:

Don’t forget Galactic Attack/ Layer Section. My favorite SS game and it easily goes for under $10

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