The Cheapest Game Boy Advance (GBA) Games Worth Your Time

When you add a console or handheld to your collection, the first thing you want to do is get a handful of games to keep you busy with your new toy. However, most of us can’t spend afford to spend fat pile of cash for a few games. This budget-friendly list should help you quickly find which games will start you off well without emptying your wallet. (Prices listed are an average eBay price for US games, including shipping)

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Even though the GBA is starting to be phased out, they games are still great for 2D gameplay for those that have moved onto the DS (still backwards compatible) or have a Gamecube with a Gameboy Advance Player. These inexpensive GBA games will complement any library nicely.

Cheap Classics

Metroid Fusion: $8
As the pinnacle of the Metroid franchise, Metroid Fusion is a must-own for action fans — even if you haven’t had much exposure to the Metroid games. The graphics and audio both show off the capabilities of the Gameboy Advance and the atmosphere and gameplay draw you in a way that very few portable games have been able to do.

It’s a shame that we haven’t seen another completely new 2D Metroid game since. Even though the demand is quite high on Fusion, there are plenty of copies up for grabs to keep the price down.
Shop for Metroid Fusion at eBay
Shop for Metroid Fusion at

Golden Sun: $9
Camelot Software (the makers of the original Shining Force games) blessed the GBA with a fresh RPG franchise that had some small, but unique touches in addition to some beautiful 2D graphics . The Golden Sun series didn’t any awards for innovative gameplay or storytelling, but it stands as a very solid RPG that is possibly the best on the handheld as well as a GBA exclusive.
Shop for Golden Sun at eBay
Shop for Golden Sun at

Sonic Pinball Party/Sonic Advance Combo: $9
The Sonic Advance series was essentially the only way for old-school Sonic fans to get their fix of a new 2D Sonic game. They aren’t quite as good as their Genesis counterparts, but better than playing some of the 3D disappointments we are seeing on the new consoles. Sonic Advance is a pretty good value on its own, but if you add on a Sonic (and NiGHTS and Samba De Amigo)-themed pinball game on for a few dollars more, you can’t go wrong.
Shop for Sonic Pinball Party/Sonic Advance Combo at eBay
Shop for Sonic Pinball Party/Sonic Advance Combo at

Tony Hawk’s Underground: $5
Cheap Tony Hawk games are abundant on the Gameboy Advance aftermarket. Personally, I have Tony Hawk 2 since I acquired it a while ago, but if you want a slightly newer (and supposedly improved) installment, Tony Hawk Underground might be what you’re looking for. If you want to spend a few extra dollars, you could also go for the Tony Hawk Underground/Kelly Slater Pro Surfer combo cartridge.
Shop for Tony Hawk’s Underground at eBay
Shop for Tony Hawk’s Underground at

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity: $7
If you liked the original F-Zero game on the SNES, you should check out the sequels for the GBA. I personally prefer the first GBA installment, Maximum Velocity, but the follow-up, F-Zero:GP Legend is nearly identical and can sometimes be found for a little less money. If you want more of a focus on the racing gameplay, go for Maximum Velocity, but if you enjoy the F-Zero storyline a bit more, GP Legend might fit you better. Either way, they are both an excellent value.
Shop for F-Zero Maximum Velocity at eBay
Shop for F-Zero Maximum Velocity at

Pac-Man Collection: $8
Even after all these years, Pac-Man still holds up as a solid game — especially for portable gaming. The Pac-Man Collection was a budget-minded compilation from the start and can still be found in retail stores on occasion for less than $10. In addition to the standard Pac-Man games, there are also some newer remakes and puzzle spin-offs included. It is an ideal package for quick pick-up games for classic-minded gamers on the go.
Shop for Pac-Man Collection at eBay
Shop for Pac-Man Collection at

Virtua Tennis: $8
Taking one of the best Dreamcast games and slimming it down to the GBA’s capabilities is no easy task (just look at the crappy Crazy Taxi port), but with Virtua Tennis, Sega did well. While it definitely does not have the graphical prowess of the original, it maintain much of the solid gameplay and simplicity that made the Dreamcast game worthwhile.
Shop for Virtua Tennis at eBay
Shop for Virtua Tennis at

Gunstar Super Heroes: $9
Treasure made a name for themselves with the original Gunstar Heroes on the Sega Genesis with its innovative run-and-gun gameplay. Ever since, hardcore gamers were clamoring for a followup. Gunstar Super Heroes answered the call for the most part, as a slightly modernized remake that had some fresh elements and levels while showing some level and boss design that makes some obvious calls back to the original. Bottom line is that those that loved the original will find themselves pleased with this cart on the GBA.
Shop for Gunstar Super Heroes at eBay
Shop for Gunstar Super Heroes at

Chu Chu Rocket: $6
One of the Dreamcast’s premier puzzle games was shrunken down to the GBA without losing to much in the process. Chu Chu Rocket will bend you mind with its quirky puzzles. Much like more modern games like Super Monkey Ball, it makes you think creatively to reach your goal. A true classic.
Shop for Chu Chu Rocket at eBay
Shop for Chu Chu Rocket at

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones: $8
For strategy addicts that need even more challenge and/or like the more fantasy-like atmosphere, take a look at the Fire Emblem games. Fire Emblem for the GBA was the first in the series to actually make it out of Japan and The Sacred Stones quickly followed up with equal success. Once the duo finally reached our shores, they were quickly touted as some of the best portable strategy games ever. The Sacred Stones is a bit more common due to a higher print run after the first game’s success and can be found for a few dollars less than the original game.
Shop for Fire Emblem at eBay
Shop for Fire Emblem at

Namco Museum: $8
Much like its Pac-Man Collection sibling, the Namco Museum is a top-notch retro compilation that can almost always be found dirt cheap and in high supply. It includes Ms. Pac-Man, Pole Position, Dig Dug, Galaxian and Galaga resulting in a great set of classics to pass the time away.
Shop for Namco Museum at eBay
Shop for Namco Museum at

Drill Dozer: $8
This action platformer from GameFreaks (developer of Pulseman and other cult classics) received a lot of underground praise as a later release for the Gameboy Advance. Drill Dozer reminded a lot of old-school gamers of the way 2D games used to be while providing them with a refreshingly innovative gameplay mechanic. The cartridge also has a built-in rumble pack to give it some extra kick. Drill Dozer never really caught on commercially, so it can now be found in the bargain bins in game stores and discounted on the online aftermarket as well.
Shop for Drill Dozer at eBay
Shop for Drill Dozer at

Pinball of the Dead: $8
Touted as one of the best video pinball games of all time, Pinball of the Dead is a Sega production that is themed by its House of the Dead franchise and is reminiscent of the TurboGrafx 16 classic, Devil’s Crush. Most likely do to Nintendo pinball fans moving onto Metroid Prime Pinball on the DS, Pinball of the Dead’s price has come down significantly on eBay as of late.
Shop for Pinball of the Dead at eBay
Shop for Pinball of the Dead at

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams: $7
Fans of the Klonoa series are sure to notice that Klonoa: Empire of Dreams is nowhere as ambitious of a platformer as Klonoa 2 on the PlayStation 2. However, it is a highly respectable emulation of the general feel of the Klonoa universe and is a slightly cheaper alternative to other platformers like Wario Land 4.
Shop for Klonoa: Empire of Dreams at eBay
Shop for Klonoa: Empire of Dreams at

A Few Must-Haves Slightly Over $10…

Advance Wars: $11
Every GBA and DS owner needs to own at least one installment of the Advance Wars series. It is turn-based strategy at its most pure form. What is wonderful about the Advance Wars games is that uses the Nintendo formula of taking a previously complex genre that would normally scare off most gamers and makes it more simplified and appealing while building up to intense gameplay as you go along. The first Advance Wars is currently the cheapest version, so I would recommend starting there if you are on a budget.
Shop for Advance Wars at eBay
Shop for Advance Wars at

Wario Ware Twisted!: $11
WarioWare: Twisted! is a mini-game filled title much like its prequel, but has an extra “twist” to it. (Ok, I couldn’t resist that pun) This cartridge has a built-in gyro sensor and rumble feature (for feedback during rotation). Most of the microgames are played by rotating the entire handheld device. Because the game automatically calibrates the gyro sensor when the game is turned on (and after every microgame), it works with both top-loading (like the Game Boy Advance) and bottom-loading slots (like all other models after the GBA and the Nintendo DS Lite). The manual states that Twisted! is not compatible with the Gamecube’s Game Boy Player, with good reason. Shop for Wario Ware Twisted at eBay
Shop for Wario Ware Twisted at

Mario Kart Super Circuit, Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country: about $11 each
If you liked these games on the Super Nintendo, you will like them on the Gameboy Advance as well. If you have already played them on the SNES, however, you will have to decide if it’s worth paying for them again. If you haven’t given them a shot yet, you might want to give them a look. Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, and Donkey Kong Country were some of the SNES’s best platformers and Mario Kart Super Circuit is a respectable racer (but has recently be overshadowed by Mario Kart DS).
Shop for Mario Kart Super Circuit at eBay /
Shop for Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island at eBay /
Shop for Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World at eBay /
Shop for Donkey Kong Country at eBay /

Metroid: Zero Mission: $10
Zero Mission is essentially an enhanced remake of the original Metroid from the NES. It take many of the gameplay elements and audio/visual enhancements from Metroid Fusion in order to bring it up to the level of the best Gameboy Advance games. If you play Fusion and still need more of a Metroid fix, this is where to go. If you would prefer the original NES version or would like to round out your Metroid collection, the NES classic version of Metroid is also quite inexpensive for the GBA.
Shop for Metroid Zero Mission at eBay
Shop for Metroid Zero Mission at

Sonic Advance 2 & Sonic Advance 3: $10 each
Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3 were both a step abover the original Sonic Advance mentioned above, but will require a few more dollars for the higher level of polish. But if you are still pining for the 2D glory days of Sonic, give these a spin.
Shop for Sonic Advance 2 at eBay /
Shop for Sonic Advance 3 at eBay /

Super Monkey Ball Jr.: $11
Super Monkey Ball is one of the best games from the last console generation as it is filled with endless puzzles that require creativity, concentration, and skill in addition to a good dose of sweet minigames. I was actually quite surprised how well Super Monkey Ball Jr. for the Gameboy Advance actually replicated the Gamecube version while running on the limited GBA hardware. It isn’t full 3D, but it sure feels like it. The puzzle courses are significantly different from the console version, so Jr. serves as an excellent complement. The minigames are still fun, but of course multiplayer is much more limited.
Shop for Super Monkey Ball Jr. at eBay
Shop for Super Monkey Ball Jr. at

Wario Land 4: $12
These days, Wario is known mostly for his mini-game compilations, but Wario Land 4 is a great reminder that he boasts some excellent platformers as well. As Nintendo’s first platforming game developed solely for the GBA, it shines in all the right places. The gameplay is tight and varied, the graphics are detailed and bright, and the sound is second to none.
Shop for Wario Land 4 at eBay
Shop for Wario Land 4 at

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: $12
As a spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG on the SNES, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is a goofy action RPG featuring Nintendo’s most popular brothers. Like Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario series, Mario & Luigi isn’t hardcore in terms of RPG gameplay, but it filled with lots of puzzles and humor to make it an enjoyable experience for nearly any type of gamer.
Shop for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga at eBay
Shop for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga at

Astro Boy: Omega Factor: $11
The cult-classic developer Treasure (of Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, and Ikaruga fame) put together an under-hyped action platformer featuring an old-school Manga/Anime hero. Astro Boy: Omega Factor features a blend of shoot-em-up and beat-em-up action (two genres Treasure knows very well) in order to bring a package that will appeal to almost any old-school gamer.
Shop for Astro Boy: Omega Factor at eBay
Shop for Astro Boy: Omega Factor at

Final Fantasy IV Advance: $10
This popular installement of the Final Fantasy series (known as Final Fantasy II on the North American SNES) has been ported to many different consoles and handhelds in the past. However, the GBA port underwent a number of enhancements and revisions such as improving the graphics, fixing bugs in the battle system, and refining the story for a smoother experience. RPG fans will find that Final Fantasy IV Advance is definitely worth the small investment.
Shop for Final Fantasy IV Advance at eBay
Shop for Final Fantasy IV Advance at

Castlevania Double Pack: $13
Two of the most popular (and hard-to-find) Castlevania games for the Gameboy Advance were recently re-released as a Combo cartridge for those that are looking for a more accessible and affordable option for Castelvania fans. This game pack includes both Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance and Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow for an action-packed portable experience.
Shop for Castlevania Double Pack at eBay
Shop for Castlevania Double Pack at

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: $12
It may not be quite as critically-acclaimed as the titles above, but Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a charming game that will work your mind and keep you entertained for quite a while. There is a follow-up on the DS, but I enjoy the mechanics of the original more and it is, of course much more of a bargain. If you have some change to spare, you might want to look into this gem.
Shop for Mario vs Donkey Kong at eBay
Shop for Mario vs Donkey Kong at

Other Cheap Favorites:

My Starter Picks For $50 Budget

If I only had $50 to spend on starting out a Game Boy Advance collection, here would be my top picks (in order of priority):

  • Metroid Fusion: $8
  • Golden Sun: $9
  • Sonic Pinball Party/Sonic Advance Combo: $9
  • Castlevania Double Pack: $13
  • Super Monkey Ball Jr.: $11
  • Total = $50

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Timerever says:

Ugh… I can’t belive you said that Gunstar Super Heroes is worth our time, and to make it worse you place it on your top pics… just bleh!
People spit on that game, I myself got the ROM of the game as Gunstar Heroes is still my favorite Treasure game and I trew it onto the recycle bin after 10 minutes, plain garbage and a proof that Treasure can do crappy games aswell.

That said you should’ve replaced Gunstar Super Heroes with Sonic Battle, as much better game thou very repetitive and even frustrating at times.

Timerever says:

2x Ugh!!
I just noticed that said Jet Grind Radio for GBA is ‘Cheap Favorite’… sweet Jebus! Man your only excuse is that you mentioned Sonic Advance 2 and especially Sonic Advance 3, if it wasn’t for that I’d SlapOverTCP/IP™ you 😛 X-D (just kidding, thou very bad game taste in there)

racketboy says:

I didn’t enjoy certain parts of Gunstar Super Heroes as much as the original, but I thought it was pretty solid. For $10, I don’t think you can go wrong if you like those types of games.

Obviously, it all comes down to people’s tastes. You can expect everyone to have the same opinions as you…

As for Sonic Battle, I was hoping to include it, but its a bit high-priced still which kept it off the list.

Actually, I just listed my copy of Sonic Battle on eBay today because it’s not worth that much to me anymore. I got lots of fun out of for a while, but I moved on.

racketboy says:

In regards to the JGR choice, you have to keep in mind the Dreamcast original is one of my all-time favorites. The GBA version comes nowhere near touching it, but it’s a neat little gem. The control scheme is a bit hard to get used to, but it uses the Tony Hawk GBA engine which keeps it relatively solid in comparison to some other games.

alonzobots says:

You can unlock the original NES Metroid in Metroid zero mission by beating it on any difficulty. This always made it puzzling as to exactly why the GBA version of the orginal metroid outsold zero mission by a good margin…it said it on the damned box.

Anonymous says:

I’m surprised Astro Boy: Omega Factor got a mention, but that really is a spectacularly fun game. I was skeptical when a friend reccommended it, not being much of a fan of Astro Boy in general. But it’s got a surprisingly solid storyline, gobs of cameos from your favorite Tezuka characters from Blackjack to Ambassador Magma to Metropolis’ denizens.

Fun game play, good controls, and high on replayability.

Also a big fan of Drilldozer, for the degree of polish and just fun gameplay. THIRD GEAR!

Metroid Fusion is the only GBA game that did manage to get me genuinely creeped out and edgy. Still wish they’d make another 2-D Metroid.

The only one I question is… Jet Grind Radio? I’m a rabid Smilebit fan, but I couldn’t stand that one. Too bad another Jet Set game will never see the light of day. -_-

nonesuch says:

Good list, I don’t see the point of disagreeing with the inclusion of each game I don’t like. It’s your list!

Everybody take note: EvilWalmart has been selling Gameboy Micros for $35. I bought mine over Christmas break for $39, and apparently the price is still dropping, so grab one fast. Right now that seems to be the cheapest way of getting into a GBA if you don’t have one. And they have a nice bright (if small) screen. And they’re cute!

Anonymous says:

Good post!

Here are two awesome sites I use to search for stuff on ebay. I’ve found some great games, electronics, and all kinds of bargain items.

Last minute ebay auction bargains

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HEY GUYS I LUV U ALL btw i think Gunstar is a bad choice…..

Put like Fire Emblem, Tales Of Phantasia and others =/

master chief says:

Im glad you put fire emblem in there. It is a very addicting game, though i don’t think the second one was nearly as good as the original.

sonar says:

Fire emblem one was good… sadly, i can’t say the same for the second one. I got it from my friend, and after chapter two it seemed bad, but i played a few more chapters, and the game still was boring. NOT ADDICTING AT ALL!! Fire emblem one i beat once and im wanting to beat it again its so addicting, but the second game i got to chapter 5 and i hated it.

gamer30156 says:

Tony Hawk’s Underground and Metroid Fusion are quite good for thier price, aren’t they? I was surprised when I bought Metroid Fusion; I thought it wouldn’t be as good, yet it still packed a punch.

jam. says:

hey. are these prices in singapore dollars or USD??? pls reply.

racketboy says:

US Dollars 🙂

jam. says:

thnks. well i was actually hoping you’d say SGD.
:((((( it’s really cheap if its sgd.
cos i’m on a budget here hahas 😀
definitely finding a TONY HAWK!! oyeaaaa! it’s good right? i played it once on a my cousins ps2 ([me:wait,was it ps1 or ps2.anyways,im not sure. hahas XD ])

i’m funny arent i? i still don’t own a console yet i am already researching for a good,cheap game.psssh.that’s totally weird. hahas XD fyi,im thinking of buying a DS Lite and gba games are ok there so…. yeaa. ((me:?????))

ok.anyways.thanks for your help. you made a really good list. ((me:or I think it is a good list since i dont know anything about games.but anyways,the list is good for me so yeaa. its good.))

tnx XD.

i talk a lot don’t i?
hahas XD

beep says:

wish they stuill gba micros but yeah your list is awsome got metroid and it rocks!

I got Gunstar Super Heroes and Final Fight One today at EvilGameStop for 3 bucks a piece. Also I picked up the NES port of Castlevania. Fun Stuff!

I don’t know why Metroid Fusion gets crapped on so much by people. I’m a big Metroid fan and despite the objective based system and limited exploration the atmosphere is as incredible as any other game in the franchise and some of the moments like the SA-X appearances are truly frightening which is a huge accomplishment for a handheld 2D game. Just imagining SA-X’s footsteps is creeping me out right now.

Gunstar Super-Heroes and Drill Dozer were totally over-looked and completely awesome games.

hello friend says:

hey i need advice please help! should i buy spiderman/X-men for gameboy it comes with the box for only $2 or do you think it is a waist of money? oh and there is football for gameboy as well for only $2

racketboy says:

A boxed GBA game aint bad for $2 if you’re thinking about collecting them.
Sports games not as much through…

hello friend says:

Awe thanks for your help 🙂 i will definately buy the spider man game, i saw the review on youtube and was pretty impressed (p.s i love this website)

racketboy says:

Glad you’ve enjoyed it — I always love getting such nice feedback and seeing people get so much use out of the site. BTW, have you thought about joining the forum? You seem like the type that would get some good use out of it.

hello friend says:

hi again 🙂 i went to the shop today and bought spiderman x-men for the gameboy also football for the gameboy, 3 sega game gear games, 1 sonic sega genesis game, nintendo pokemon bag, sp case and will be getting more stuff soon! p.s i wish i could join the forum, i tried two days ago but for some reason my computer won’t let me! so i tried a few more times but just gave up 😛 oh and thanks for being so kind

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