Changing the Sega CD Game Region Codes

I was just looking at my page for playing imports on a Sega Saturn and figured I should fill some people in on how to change country codes on Sega CD games.

Right now, you best bet is to use SCDConv (download). This utility can convert most (not all) Sega CD ISO images to a different country code. This is handy if you have an US Sega CD, but a Japanese game, you can run this tool on it to convert the bootcode to US, so it will play on your Sega CD without additional carts or modifications.

Here’s how to use it:
in a MS-DOS prompt, type “scdconv “. It will tell you its current country code, and ask you which to change it to. It will also tell inform you if the probability of working is nil. After the file was converted, burn it to CD as usual.

Here’s a compatibility list for SCDConv, so you can see some of the games that work or fail with SCDConv. Please submit failed or successful conversions to Eidolon via email, so we can keep this list updated!


charlie says:

hello, im just going through learning the quirks of the import game system, i have a mega cd 2 on a mega drive 2, aust, hang on ill get the model code..mk4102-50
ok so im just going through some hard to get games and seeing what works on my australian mega cd, now is it possible to convert like an american game to the aussie one?
looks like everything is all ntsc based so im f**ked.

racketboy says:

I’m not really sure — you might want to ask in the forums — we have some Aussies in there…

TheGamemaster says:

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boringsupreez says:

Both links in the article no longer work. Fix, please?

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