Change The Fan In Your Dreamcast & Make It Quieter

 Retrogaming reader, Mozgus knew I was looking into replacing the Dreamcast’s stock fan in order to make it quieter. Here’s what he wrote:

Well, all the instructions for my fan mod were from the guy who posted in your thread already. DCMODDER or whoever. He linked you to a tutorial on how to make the fan circuit. Oh and to use a variable resistor, go here:
Dreamcast Fan Mod

I kind of wish I got a resistor with more ohms though, because I cant quite slow it down as much as I want to. It’s quite noisy even on the slowest, but it sure doesn’t let the Dreamcast even get warm at all, anywhere, after any ammount of time. A great way to preserve the system. Heat causes expansion, which causes minor wear and tear over the years.

The fan is just a basic computer CPU fan, that normally hooks onto a heatsink. It’s a 60mm I think…maybe 80. I forget. I took a sharp knife and carefully carved out a perfect sized slot so it would hold the fan in place snugly, without any screws.

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Conner says:

the link is dead!

racketboy says:

The link works for me….

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