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 I’m taking a mini vacation from blogging due to some work and home-related issues. I’ll be back to full posting this weekend. In the meantime, here are some of my most popular posts for those of you that may be new to the site:

20 Games That Nobody Played – But You Should
10 Games That Actually NEED A Sequel
Games That Push Consoles To Their Limits
Classic NES Modified To Look Like Upright PS2
New NiGHTS Into Dreams Coming to Nintendo Revolution?
10 Game Franchises That Actually NEED A Resurrection
First Issue of Nintendo Power – PDF
Games That Defined The Sega Saturn
Games That Defined The Sega Dreamcast
The Best Sega Genesis Games For A Nintendo Revolution

I’ll still be in the Forums here and there to join in on all the discussions and keep things running (I’m also tweaking some stuff behind the scenes). I just need a breather from writing for a little while.

Thanks for all your support!

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gnome says:

A wise choice of links (and words)…

sallizar says:

Just wanted to let you know it was your “List of 20 games No One Played” is why I picked up the Adventures of Cookie and Cream… Lots of fun…

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