The Most Stunning Metroid-Inspired Artwork

The Best Metroid Game Art

I have a bit of an artistic background, so I can’t help but fall in love with quality, game-inspired artwork. Over the last year or so, I have been compiling my favorite unofficial fan art and I hope to start sharing them in themed bursts.

The first installment of this game art feature is Metroid’s Samus. Many of these pieces are just awe-inspiring and I hope you really get a kick out of them. Click on the Deviant Art links below the image to see the larger view on the artist’s original page.




See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art



See This on Deviant Art



See This on Deviant Art



See This on Deviant Art



See This on Deviant Art



See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


SovietSniper says:

this girl is a piece of cake…. 😉 just like the games! my favorite are the gba renditions, especially fusion (i dont know if people agree with me, but zero mission seems pretty short to me, although excellent while it lasts)

NebachadnezzaR says:

Is it just me or in the first picture the hand of the suit has only 4 fingers?

Anyway, top quality art. Haven’t seen anything this impressive since my last visit to the fan art section of the World of Warcraft official website.

racketboy says:

Great links!, Alejandro

racketboy says:

Life Meter Comics had a couple good ones also:

racketboy says:

Somebody on Digg mentioned this great one as well

I love this sort of artwork but when it comes to anything like games I’m not into anything that isn’t official. I guess its just a personal choice. Nice finds though, I have seen a few of these around.

Milander says:

So I’m guessing this is fan art because it is so not professional. The only one that even comes close to pro is by Peter Levius and he can’t even draw feet properly. lol@all of you

racketboy says:

Milander, post your artwork and school us, please.

Milander, Do you know what an “Overpaint” is? That’s Official professionally done copy, which Peter Levius painted over. He’s changed the textures quite a bit, and played with shading in some nice ways, but basically that was done by a “professional”, and modified by Peter. Noone likes a troll, kid.

I saw the Zelda art and the Metriod art and they are soooo
sick!!! I’d like to see more of Samus’s Hunter Class Gunship pictures as I’m a car gal.

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