The Best Indie Geometry Wars Clones

As one of the most popular XBox Live Arcade games of all time, its no surprise that Geometry Wars has been duplicated so often (even though it is a modern clone of Robotron).

Its simple but addictive gameplay is a great place for small, independent game developers to find inspiration. Independant Gaming has developed a helpful list of the best Geometry Wars clones that give non-360 owners some colorful shooting fun and support up-and-coming developers in the process.

All of the downloads are for Windows, but there are couple for the Mac and one for Linux as well. I personally would love to see one of them make their way to the Dreamcast….

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gnome says:

Mind you there’s a rumour of Geometry Wars actually appearing on Vista, which -frankly- wouldn’t be that shocking.

Oh, and that was an excellent link!

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